Why Speaking From the Heart Will Captivate Your Audience
Speak From The Heart, Right From the Beginning (Part Two)

Speak Confidently From the Heart
One thing you can’t fake is sincerity—and why would you want to?
Speaking from the heart makes delivering a presentation easy. Anytime you’re passionate about a topic, you’ll find it’s easy to talk to others about it. Not only that, but your persuasiveness and confidence will balloon, too.
Think back to a time you had to give a presentation. Were you talking about something you felt passionately about? How did you feel as you spoke?
Chances are, if your presentation was about anything that was near and dear to your heart, you felt a buzz as you talked about it. Having others hear about something that was important to you boosted your confidence, which made your presentation even better.
If you’ve ever struggled and fumbled your way through a presentation, I’d be willing to bet you weren’t speaking from the heart. No amount of practice can ever replicate the sincerity and authenticity of a talk that comes from the heart.
There’s Always a Story

One thing I hear from those who take our Presentation Skills Training workshops is they don’t want to share anything that’s too personal about their own lives.
Speaking from the heart doesn’t mean opening up the vault containing your deepest, darkest secrets. It simply means being real with your listeners.
That means you don’t necessarily have to tell a personal story. A lot of times, people don’t think they lead lives remarkable enough to have a story worth sharing.
But there’s always a story. There’s always something going on in the world that can be used to tell a story. Maybe the person in your story is a parent, or a neighbor, or a friend of a friend. Maybe the person in your story is not associated to you in any way, but their story serves as the perfect example to a point you’re trying to make in your presentation.
Find the connection so you can speak from the heart. Find the connection so your audience can connect with you.
Seeing And Hearing Is Believing
A presentation’s opening is only as strong as the connection the speaker makes to his or her audience. There’s no better way to connect with your listeners than to speak to them from the heart—to let them see for themselves how important the subject matter is to you.
This kind of storytelling is particularly effective because the audience isn’t just expected to take you at your word; they can hear in your voice and see with their eyes that what you’re talking about isn’t just being spouted off mindlessly—you’re speaking to them from a place much deeper. It’s those presentations audiences have a hard time forgetting.

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