What’s Your Take On Extended Car Warranties?

It’s clearly a dilemma for many used car buyers to determine whether or not an extended car warranty is important, and what is in their warranty, once they decide to purchase one. Forbes reported that nearly fifty percent of people do not understand what’s covered in their warranty. That’s the first mistake. WarranTchimp, the online portal site that is taking on the extended vehicle protection plan market promotes that everyone should read their warranty details before signing on the dotted line. The do it yourself site helps consumers easily select their warranty particulars, deductible, and terms thereby giving the level of preparedness they need at the guaranteed lowest prices. It gets worse. Ten percent of those who purchased a used car warranty don’t understand their warranty at all. That’s a problem at the point of sale. When a dealer promotes a warranty, they should take a few minutes to share the features and benefits of the warranty and allow the consumer the opportunity to totally understand.

Many dealers make the consumer feel as though they must purchase an extended car warranty from a dealer at the time of purchase of their used car, when in fact, that’s just not true. That’s just better for the dealer to sell the warranty and receive high commissions for the warranty, making the sale more profitable for them. Today, dealers are referring to WarranTchimp for the consumer to get the best plan at the best price just by logging on and filling out a few questions. Thirty-five percent of people are saying they can’t afford a warranty. That’s another misconception. It’s more about making sure the cost of a warranty is included in your planning and the cost of your pre-owned vehicle.

Manufacturers generally do not warranty for more than a few years and/or miles, so it’s up to the consumer to pay for major problems thereafter, should they not have the vehicle protection needed. Last, but not least, Forbes reports that thirty-two percent do not think they need an extended car warranty. They will wish they had one, the moment a large repair bill falls into their lap. To find out more about how to do it yourself and choose what’s right for your vehicle protection plan you can go to and fiddle around with the information you punch in. Then see for yourself, the plan you put together and the savings you can achieve. Or go to or YouTube and find out more about WarranTchimp and get the answers to many warranty questions.

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