5 Reasons Why a Speech’s Message (or Content) Is King (or is it in the telling of a story?)

5 Reasons Why a Speech’s Message (or Content) Is King (or is it in the telling of a story?)

A masterful delivery is one of the cornerstones of a great speech. But its content — its message — is more important.
The speech’s message is its content — one central idea, clearly defined, supported by reason and evidence, logically structured, illustrated with metaphors and stories, articulated with words and phrases that are clarifying, moving, and memorable.
Delivery is a skill — a way of communicating a message both verbally and non-verbally to win the audience’s trust, understanding, and compliance.
It’s true that perfectly good ideas often get ignored or discounted because they’re poorly delivered.
And many bogus ideas get more attention than they deserve because they’re well delivered.
So I’m not saying that delivery is unimportant. Far from it. It’s just that a speech’s message is even more important.
Content is king. Delivery is its helpful (or unhelpful) servant.


Here are 5 Reasons Why a Speech’s Message (its Content) is King
1. The message is what people remember, if they remember anything at all in the days following a speech.
2. The message is what has the power to change the way people think and feel and act.
3. The message is what inspires people and touches their imaginations.
4. The message is what people pass on to others (adding their own insights and wisdom in the process).

5. The message is what articulates the speaker’s aspirations, beliefs, and intentions.
You can take a two-day workshop and significantly improve your delivery. But it takes more effort, more experience, and more wisdom to construct a meaningful, powerful, and engaging message.
The main reason that I would add why a speech’s message is king? HOW DID YOU MAKE THEM FEEL AFTER THE MESSAGE!!!!

Make it a champion day!

Brandon Hardison – Champion Strategies

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