5 Ways to Use Metrics to Deliver Exactly What Your Customers Want

Picking on the popular saying of rebellious students “there is no school without students”, it is fair to say a business or dealership might be owned by a group of entrepreneurs but there will be no business without customers.

So it is mandatory that within a business structure every legal and appropriate means is employed to take customer satisfaction as high as can be. This sort of thinking is how you keep your customers loyal and also how you convert prospects into customers.

Customers vary with different needs, temperaments, budgets, etc., so if you care about raising the numbers in your business place or at least keeping them consistent, satisfying the diverse category of customers you should embrace metrics to help you deliver exactly what your customers want.

“Metrics” is not a big word; it just means taking note of the details in statistics and numbers and building a flexible system around these stats. Now, about metrics in business, having feedbacks by means of statistics lets you know which part of your system is doing alright or not, lets you know if you lose traffic (which means you are not doing something right), also lets you know if your call to actions are converting into sales and customers, and a lots more. Before we let you in on how you can employ metrics in delivering customer needs, it is sane to first find out where these metrics come into play:


Every business has a website these days, even nonprofits have websites. On your website, measuring the following data shouldn’t be overlooked:

The volume of traffic you receive

The amount of time spent surfing through your content

How people locate you


CRM means customer relationship management, the following data will tell you clearly how CR is going.

Generation of new leads


Converted sales

Lost sales

CRM and website analytics are provide very vital factors you can base your metrics application in. So, let’s go ahead and check out the following five (5) ways to use metrics to deliver exactly what your customers want:

THE WEB PAGE THAT CONVERTS BEST: If you are really immersed into online marketing then you’d have various web pages including blogs, websites, landing pages. All these and more are just a few of the ways a customer comes across your content or business; a particular customer may be swayed by your landing page, or just the blog or your full and functional website. This knowledge will educate you on your best converter so you can drive your resources with better reason.

THE WEB PAGE THAT OPENS A LEAD UP: To lock a lead down and convert them into customers you need them to be interested and nothing screams an “interested lead” than when he/she takes the tedious road of giving their information. Take note of the pages that gets your leads interested in your market.

PROSPECTS REFERRED BY YOUR REFERRAL WEBSITES: A well set up online market will have traffic coming from various referrals but not all that traffic will convert into sales. Take note of the referrer that offers you traffic that transcends into actual sales.

HOW MANY TIMES DID A LEAD VISIT BEFORE MAKING CONTACT: Having visitors on your website is encouraging but it is not the goal. You will want a lead to make contact as soon as they visit and surf around, maybe not the first time but at least the second time. Employing metrics here will tell you how long it takes a lead to make contact and then you can make some tweaks if necessary.

SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY: We can’t start preaching the goodness of social media marketing now because you already know. With respect to customer satisfaction, social media will provide you with the perfect insight to how customers research your content before making contact. On social media your sales rep can get into direct conversations with prospects or leads and know what they need, or follow hash tags that have may been started to push a point to your business or the whole industry, so you can swoop in and provide exactly what they want and be the hero.

Remember customers are everything when it comes to business and the fact that there a ton of other businesses within your industry means you only have a few chances to get it right. So do not hesitate to employ these 5 Ways to Use Metrics to Deliver Exactly What Your Customers Want.

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