Like commanders and generals in the army the business place or dealership needs managers. However, what an organization or business place needs more than a manager is a leader. Anybody can wear the manager badge in the work place and just dish out instructions while sitting back on a comfy chair. The ideal manager is one with superb leadership skills and leadership has more to it than just having followers or employees. Effective leadership is having the skill to motivate your employees or followers to do their best work for the course of the organization. Good leadership skills don’t come naturally, they are acquired via training. Leadership training is an absolute necessity if you care about getting the absolute best from your members of staff, and also get them motivated enough to follow you to the ends of the earth (or maybe). In the future we will probably take on some leadership training courses but for now it’s all about the benefits of leadership training.


BUILD EFFECTIVE COACHING TECHNIQUES: In efficient leadership there will be mentorship and coaching included. Being a manager, mentor and coach who is an absolute leader gives you the opportunity to exert a strong aura of influence on your employees, not taking this opportunity will lead to damning consequences. Engaging in a good leadership program should help you build or smoothen your coaching skills. Coaching presents you with the platform to guide your employees to the top of their strengths and more. Mentoring requires you to be the man you want your employees to be (or suppress). So it is important to set the tone around the workplace by leading the way towards any objective around the place. Building and executing good coaching skills as a leader will make you a manager everyone wants to follow.

MASTER PROBLEM ANALYSIS AND DECISION-MAKING: Being a manager means you have to solve problems that pop up here and there but problems don’t surface till it’s too late to act on them. As a manager you will often have to sniff out these problems even before they manifest and make top notch decisions for the betterment of the organization. Good decision making is also a vital (if not crucial) factor to consider around the workplace as a manager. Attending good leadership training should help you know and analyze problems that may arise in certain situations around the workplace. Impactful decision making is also a strong trait of a good leader and this is also achievable with leadership training.

EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATING CHANGE: A good manager will go about revising organization practices and noting areas where change maybe paramount. It is super work to spot areas where change is necessary but it can all go wrong if there is an ineffective communication of this change to your employees. It is important to let the team know there is a change to make, why the change must be made and how to go about making this change. Effective communication of those facts to the team will help the organization put the revisions to work easily. This is something you can learn from leadership trainings.

STRENGTHEN LISTENING SKILLS: A manager is only a man, so it is not helpful to think you have all the answers and turn out to be the only one with solutions. It is a first class trait from a good leader to listen to the cries of the employees or anyone at all with something to say about the organization activities. Breakthroughs can come from anywhere including the employees out there so listen. Away from breakthroughs, listening attentively to your employees’ opinions can be an eye opener to practices that might be hindering full productivity around the workplace. Listening is a skill and listening well to the team will have everyone with that precious feeling of unity which is super good for business.

REALIZE TEAM SUCCESS FROM ENTHUSIASM: If the workplace was a school and that makes you the manager the teacher to your students [employees], then you should teach motivation to the students [employees] every day. Motivation to work can be achieved via numerous means including offering incentives to the team. However, there is no better way to get work done than by working with enthusiasm. This is not a trait that can be easily acquired, it always takes a leader to get the team enthusiastic about the work they do. Anyone can achieve ay goal he/she is excited about. It is difficult to employ a natural all the time but if you show your employees how the work they do matter and make them love the job they do, then you will have a team ready to work with you even in trying times. Good leadership training will take care of this for you.

LEARN THE 8-STEP DELEGATION PROCESS: the phrase ‘a manager is only a man’ featured in one of the previous paragraphs before and now here too. In a firm or organization there are a lot of departments that require various experts to lead and cater for the individual departments. This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of managers but it means you should be open to delegating tasks to experts to lead the departments within the workplace. As a head start, these following 8 step delegation process will come in handy.

  • Delegate to particular individuals tasks according their capability.
  • Lay out expectations audibly.
  • Keep them motivated with a reminder of the big picture
  • Dish out helpful suggestions but don’t be imposing.
  • Gently follow up on the work they are doing with follow up appointments.
  • Accompany supervision with confidence-building comments.
  • Highlight successes and give constructive feedback where necessary.

There, leadership training might just be the best thing to happen to your organization. Take your time and decide what the organization needs.

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