The Automotive Industry provides the most employment and income for the certified automotive workforce, but due to the lack of trained candidates, the industry faces reduced standards and continued impact on the industry as a whole. In 2016 there were over 42 million units sold, representing over 480 models. That demand was up and continues to rise in 2017. The problem the industry faces is the lack of certified candidates. Without certification, most candidates know little about the industry, no less the manufacturer or pre-owned dealer they will represent. The dealer invests and faces a great deal of time and money before they repeat the same recruitment process over and over again. That is why dealers rely on certified education program and on-going dealer training programs. They end up costing a fraction of the repetitive process of hiring and training.

The automotive industry is currently compensating certified automotive candidates with premium packages that have come to $500 billion in compensation and over 109 billion jobs globally. This one industry represents 14-20% tax revenues. Those are impressive statistics. When one considers an automotive certification costs far less than most trade schools and the industry drought has allowed for special education rates through not for profit programs available in most states. The industry as a whole is demanding certification. It’s becoming its wellness program. It is the safety net the automotive industry and its workforce needs, as a certification program allows for better dealers to hire better candidates.

Veterans and candidates facing a dead end in their current positions, see this highly lucrative career choice worth the education required to get to the top of the heap and keep growing in the industry. There is no limit to the income, as the positions range from sales consultant, service advisors, sales and service managers, finance and insurance specialists and their manager, general manager and dealership ownership.


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