A Better Dealer Experience Through Technology

The dealer experience is where it’s at these days. The team at Justplayin’ has covered this in multiple blogs, because it’s extremely important to drive this idea home. Your average customer will pay a little more for a better overall experience, and they’ll come back in the future if that experience is a memorable one. In fact, they’ll bring the family and friends along for the ride. What is the dealer experience? It’s the complete package. It could be everything from how long it took you to answer the initial call if there was one, to the automated email system, and the ease of filling out the final paperwork. Technology can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the dealer experience.

You have to get this in your head and believe it. They read reviews and make decisions based on those reviews. Even if you’re one of the last people on earth who doesn’t trust us, most everyone bases their decisions on everyone else’s decisions these days. Research shows us that somewhere around 90 percent of car buyers use a digital device to research vehicle information before they even step foot in your showroom. More than half of those devices are mobile. What’s the point? Well, besides the fact that they’re a very educated potential customer, they are technology driven.

Dealerships that ignore the trend are finding it hard to keep the attention of the younger generation of car buyers, and this trend will continue. You can’t just toss some technology around the showroom and expect to attract these gurus. You have to implement the technology in ways that enhance each department for their own good. Your service department can utilize tablets to speed up the process of checking in vehicles and diagnosing issues with the customer for each car, truck, and SUV. Even mechanics can diagnose the vehicles on a professional level via tablet, so everything is streamlined into the same system, but portable so your techs are on the move.

Sales reps and services reps should always be connected and ready to set up appointments in a flash, so customers don’t have to be left hanging. The days of leaving customers waiting for some other representative to come along to make an appointment should be left in the past. If you want those five-star reviews, you need to move fast and make everything streamlined. There should be access to online chatting, digital coupons and if they send an email inquiry, they better get an answer fast. All of this comes to you courtesy of the letter T for technology!

We think you get the idea. There’s really no excuse anymore. If you don’t want to spend the money on technology, well, sorry you have to if you want to survive. Each and every department in your dealership needs to have the most up to date systems implemented with meaning. Then, you have to train your employees to know those systems like the backs of their hands. Just like the flat panel in your waiting area wowed them 15 years ago, solid technology in every department is where it’s at today. Stay ahead of the curve.

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