Acic Enterprise Agreement 2016

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The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) is a federal agency responsible for maintaining national criminal intelligence and coordinating efforts to combat serious crime. In 2016, ACIC introduced an enterprise agreement for its employees. This agreement covered a range of areas, including pay, conditions, and performance management.

One of the key features of the ACIC enterprise agreement 2016 was an emphasis on flexibility. The agreement provided various options for employees to work flexible hours, which could include working from home or taking leave to attend to personal matters. This flexibility was designed to help employees balance their work and personal lives and reduce stress.

Another significant component of the agreement was the focus on performance management. The ACIC established a Performance and Development Framework, which outlined expectations for employees and managers in supporting ongoing development and performance. The framework included regular catch-ups, goal-setting, and performance reviews, all aimed at improving employee performance and engagement.

In terms of remuneration, the ACIC introduced a pay increase of 2% per annum for all employees covered by the agreement. This increase was intended to keep pace with the cost of living and reward employees for their hard work.

The ACIC enterprise agreement 2016 also included provisions for various leave entitlements, such as parental leave, personal leave, and study leave. These provisions were designed to support employees in their personal and professional lives and ensure they were able to take time off when needed.

Overall, the ACIC enterprise agreement 2016 was a comprehensive and flexible agreement that sought to support and engage employees while maintaining a high level of performance. With its focus on flexibility, performance management, and remuneration, the agreement provided a solid foundation for the ACIC to attract, retain, and develop a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

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