Advanced Sales

Advanced sales are techniques which are not in any way sleazy, unlike the car salesman type tactics that are greedy in nature, feared-bound and with outright deception. It indentifies both implicit and explicit needs of a client.

Advanced sales help the client to understand the implications of the need, and consequently providing him with a solution. This technique is more concern about dealing with problems than generating sales.


There is no doubt that all sales calls involve an opening which is a personal introduction and laying of groundwork solely for what the client is trying to accomplish explicitly. The opening also helps to identify what prompted the explicit need.

It sets the tone of the meeting and course influences the potential customer’s first impression. A very good opening can save you from wasting time and also will provide you with the information to move to the next phase.


As it has been established that sales techniques are basically for solving client’s problems, it is pretty to solve a client’s problems if you know what they want and after. Once the opening exercise is completed, you then proceed into investigating by asking questions to understand the client’s situations much better.

If the opening exercise were carefully done, it would have identified the explicit needs of the client, but the real value will be delivered through the uncovering implicit needs. Implicit needs are not identified easily but are logically deduced from the conversation you had with the client.




There is only one step between identifying implicit and explicit needs of a client and the actual introduction of solutions that is the hallmark of advanced sales. It is incumbent upon you to show the client how serious the problem the client will have if she fails to meet the implicit and explicit needs both of you identified.

The first way to show implications is by asking many questions, judging from the responses she gives, you can quantify her problems and how much she could gain from such venture. One good thing about the beauty of advanced selling is that you do not have to sell all your cars, rather you just have to bring some certain realities to the person’s attention.

Demonstrating Capability

Mere identifying implicit and explicit needs and the actual revealing of how big the client’s problem is worthless until and unless you can provide a solution in tackling such problems. To demonstrate capability should not be attempted not until the prospect is clear cut as regards his needs and how crucial the need is.

Obtaining Commitment

The last step in the initial sales process is to obtain commitment, though; it is not necessarily needed to close a sale. However, it is a firm agreement in taking another step that advances the sale process.

Finally, obtaining commitment is pretty easy, it helps you to identify the next step and then provide two options to a customer. If the steps above have been taken correctly, your client will certainly ask you for the next step.


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