Automotive Dealer Solution To High Cost Of Recruitment

The Richie Bello Institute of Leadership and Management, a not for profit program developed by Richie Bello West is helping the automotive industry resolve one of their biggest concerns and cost of doing business. The industry has suffered with recruiting, training and retaining quality personnel for some time. The cost of recruitment averages somewhere in the $6,000 range per employee., while turnover and training costs continue to rise. “Today’s dealers are polished and procedural, seeking the same in their personnel. Our military offers the automotive industry what they need and hopefully our program will allow the dealer to get better personnel that will remain an asset to their organization.” said Richie Bello, founder of the organization. Bello’s influence in the automotive industry along with his respect for veterans helped him bring the two together. As a long time advocate for veterans, he reached out to government and his industry and developed a program that supports the veterans. Bello’s program includes certification in the automotive industry in all areas of the dealership and support in placement. Veterans can enjoy a career in this highly lucrative industry and participating dealers enjoy a far lower recruitment cost. For more information on the programs, go to

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