In the automotive industry dealerships and vendors are known to strive to maintain a good working relationship because they are a classic example of “your fate lies in your hands.” The automotive vendors are a part of the automotive industry that are responsible for supplying automobile commodities or automobile parts from the producers on to the automotive dealerships, they work closely with the manufacturers or in most cases are the manufacturers.

Automotive dealerships on the other hand are one of the few destinations of the supply from the vendors. In the dealerships direct sales of automobiles or automobile services are sold to the customers.

The automotive industry is super large with various automotive dealerships that render a host of incredible automotive services. The effectiveness of the automotive dealerships depends strictly on the expert involvement of the automotive vendors. There has always been the need for automotive dealerships and vendors because both parties are in direct business with each other and it will be catastrophic for everyone involved if a business relationship between automotive dealerships and vendors broke down

Sadly automotive dealerships and vendors are not always in good business relationships due to a couple of factors including dissatisfaction with business terms from any of the sides. A small scale study carried out between automotive dealerships and vendors highlighted that 85% of the time when relationships between automotive dealerships and vendors breakdown the dealerships are to blame. Prior to any deal been struck between both parties a detailed list of commodities and cost is drawn up by the vendor from where the automotive dealership selects what he or she needs supplied. It’s all a smooth process till the study showed automotive dealerships in most occasions try to pull a fast one and get more than what they are paying for from the vendors.

It is believed that automotive dealerships think it’s all good with the vendors but in business you see what you want and pay for it and if you can’t pay for what you want then you can’t get it. This is the sort of thinking that every business place would thrive on including the automotive industry and the famous relationship between dealerships and vendors.

If you are an automotive dealership layoff the vendors let’s see how the industry can reduce the 85% fault that is handed to the dealerships. It will do both dealerships and vendors a world of good to look to having sincere and straightforward dialogues during business; if you are only trying to reach an agreement for short term state it clearly and when making long term arrangements be straight to the point too. This helps the vendors serve you better as an automotive dealership and if you do all of this and the vendor falls short be sure to punish them by activating the clauses in your agreements and contracts.

Think of this as some sort of marriage but with strict terms you can’t compromise on, just know you need to always be in good terms with your vendor as a dealership in order to keep the business going.

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