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When you become a car salesman, you’re taught a lot of things such as how to know what your commission is, the amount you can reduce on a car or what the bottom line on a car is. Few automotive sales training techniques teach you how to control the sales to get the best outcome. There are some simple steps you should follow to make things happen. They include introduction, presentation, relationship and closing the sale.
Salesperson Training Tips
The Introduction
You want your customer to see you as someone they can depend on. You must start by introducing yourself to the customer and make a good connection. Chat with them to discover things you may have in common, this will make them to feel at ease. During the chatting, try to know what the car will be used for and what they’re looking for that would make life easier for them. Build a relationship with them and then start nudging them towards the car you think they may like.
Present the Car
Presenting the car is essential. Many people leave the lot without buying anything because the car was not properly showcased to them. If your clients purchase a car from you, don’t you want him or her to know where the windshield wipers are or where the headlight control is? Showcase the features of the car and ensure they know where each feature is located and how to use it. Showing off a special feature is better because they will feel like they are getting what they pay for.
Introduce them to the Dealership
If you’re not working for yourself, then you work for a dealership whether it’s a used car dealership or a new car dealership. If a customer becomes familiar with the dealership and its staffs, they feel more at ease and are more likely to purchase a car. This also builds trust in the customer who may distrust all salesmen. Walk around the lot with them and introduce them to other employees.
Closing the Deal
The closing should be the simplest and easiest part of your job. Doing everything else right will ease the customer’s mind telling them that they have selected the right place to buy from and give them a sense of empowerment. All buyers have objections. It may be that the price is a little bit higher than their budget. However, if you listen, you can overcome their objections and get them into the office for them to make payment. The closing should be done in a place where you can remain with them at all times. If you leave them alone, it might give them some excuses not to buy.
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