Bad Sales Day Tips

No matter what profession you’re in, everyone has them, but there’s nothing scarier than a bad sales day. It can feel like your whole career is taking a bad turn. Is everyone watching you faceplant right on the showroom floor? Will you recover? Especially when you’re new to the game, a few bad days can seem like an eternity and sometimes it feels like there’s no coming back from the slump, but believe your friends at Justplayin’, it happens to the best of them and there’s always a way to climb out of the pits of despair. Here are some tips.

Hit the pipeline. You have the emails and the cell numbers, and we all know that making the calls is no walk in the park, but that pipeline can be the difference between a flat month and sushi for all. When times are slow on the showroom floor, start hitting those old leads and see if they found their dream vehicles. You may hit a sale in there and turn your slow day around.

Focus on what’s wrong. We don’t mean harp on the negative, but take notes on what is going wrong, and learn from your mistakes. Are you repeating a similar line on the phone that’s turning people off? Are you being asked a specific line of questions that you don’t have the answers to? Take a look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you’re dressed for success, and that your desk is neat and organized. During these down times, you have all the time in the world to sharpen up your game.

Talk to someone else better than you. Yes, that right. Go find someone better than you. Let the ego go, and learn from someone. It’s very easy to sit back in life and judge others. I could sit back right now and watch the Godfather II and find a couple of holes in one of the best-made films in history. It’s easy when you’re not involved, so go and ask someone what you’re doing wrong, and take the hit with grace. Don’t argue. Just listen and learn, and if you don’t agree, just thank them and move on.

One thing you can do for sure…laugh it off and control what you can. Hold on to what’s going right. If talking it up and meeting new customers works that day, then build your pipeline that day and start making calls. Sometimes you just have to take a break. If nothing is going your way, and you feel like you have zero to hold on to, go for a walk. Clear your head. Don’t focus on what’s wrong, but try to think positive. Each and every day you meet new customers and they have no idea that you had a bad day yesterday, so your new approach tomorrow is just that…a whole new beginning. It’s very easy to feel like the whole world is watching, but they’re not. They just want someone to listen and help. They have no idea whether or not you’re having a good or bad sales day, so put on a smile and act like you just sold the lot.

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