Benefits Car Dealers Receive From Video Marketing – When Done Right!

First 10 Benefits of Video Marketing (see bonus benefits at end)

More and more car dealerships are taking advantage of video marketing. Video marketing has consistently shown that it is one of the best marketing strategies, particularly for car dealers, because it allows a dealership to be flexible and fluid in what marketing tactics they use.

The following list showcases ten compelling reasons why you should consider investing in the resources necessary to execute an effective video marketing strategy… Each of these tactics are briefly described, with their benefits for your dealership, along with (in each example) increased traffic to your dealership’s websites.

1. Videos Proven Effective at Attracting REAL Car Buyers

Although we may not want to admit it, most of us are lazy and easily distracted, and the prevalence of the Internet has only exacerbated this problem. And it’s far easier to pay attention to a video than it is to sit down and read an article or a test drive and review.

Videos can provide more than just entertainment however; they can educate the consumer about your cars and trucks, attract the eye, give personality to your content and overall enhance the experience of your website and social media users.

2. Improve Your Dealer Website’s SEO Ranking

Videos help optimize searching and increase the chances of getting a website or a dealer’s brand into a higher ranking on Google. Furthermore, as previously stated, videos are more likely to engage a user, which in turn decreases the bounce rate of your site, which is important for your SEO ranking. Because of this, users are more likely to share your videos, creating new consumer generated links to your website, which works positively for your dealership website SEO.

3. Engage More Customers… Both Previous and Prospective

Put simply, you can say a lot more, and in a much smaller amount of time and space, through video than you can through written text on a web page. Plus, consumers are more likely to remember your website if it has engaging videos over an excessive amount of standard text, which is used by most other businesses with websites.

4. Increase Online Visits/Sessions

Google Analytics have shown that including videos on your website can increase the number of business profile clicks. There are countless possibilities, and people, on the Internet, and every time a person comments or shares your video, it has the opportunity to generate a new lead for your new and used vehicles as well as increased service revenue.

5. Increase First Party Lead Generation

Good quality, interesting videos are a sure-fire way to generating high-quality traffic to your dealership’s website. Because videos can be, and often are searched for separately, every time you upload a new video to your website, you’re increasing your opportunities for more traffic.

6. Low Cost of Publishing

While there are initial costs in creating your dealership’s videos, after they have been created, distribution can be at no cost and/or very low cost. It’s incredibly cheap to distribute car dealership videos, and there are numerous ways to syndicate your videos across multiple sites online.

7. An Easier Way To Achieve Marketing Communication Objectives

Once they’ve been recorded, you can distribute each of your dealership’s videos time and time again. It can be seen by thousands or potentially millions of people online, which can save you an exponential time in the long run when trying to explain your product or services to new customers and even new employees

8. Videos Accessible Anywhere 24/7/365

With technology becoming easier and more prevalent everyday, videos can be viewed at any time, and almost any place. Devices such as smart phones, laptops, iPads and so forth have made it incredibly easy to watch videos online.

9. Easy To Share

Sharing videos online is straightforward and simple. Social media and networking sites mean that with little effort, you can publish your video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and more. And as videos take less time and effort than it does to read text, people are more likely to engage with them on these sites.

10. Customers Open More Of Your Emails

Statistics show that subject lines with the word ‘video’ are 2 to 3 times more likely to be opened. This can easily be achieved by either including the actual video itself in the email, or if that isn’t possible, by attaching a link to both the video, and your website.

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Four More Video Marketing Approaches Your Dealership Hasn’t Taken

Edited Source Content Written by Collin Davis

We’re all about mobile-ready, interactive and informative video.

It’s the medium today’s car buyers prefer when it comes to learning about their vehicle choices, and great virtual test drive videos have never been easier for dealerships use on their sites. But virtual tours of your vehicles’ interior and exterior features aren’t the only kinds of videos that can improve your dealership’s online outreach, on-site business, and sales numbers. Here are four more approaches to video that you should be considering—and probably aren’t!

11. Video “Talks” to Inform and Engage

You don’t have to go full on “TED Talk,” but a quick informative video, delivered in a friendly, no-pitch manner will engage your potential customers like gangbusters. Give them information they can use, and that makes you an authority they can rely on: a breakdown of the sales process, certain technical features explained for your average driver, an update on how this year’s vehicles have changed (again, without the sales pitch)—all are simple to deliver in 1-2 minutes standing in front of a camera and talking with a smile.

12. Video Bios for Customer Facing Staff

Who are your customers going to meet when they call your dealership or stop by in person? A receptionist, sales personnel, a floor manager? Make sure everyone has a quick—we’re talking 30 seconds—video bio available on the site. They should introduce themselves, their role at the dealership, maybe a quick personal fact or two, and a closing message thanking the shopper for stopping by and inviting them to come on down and meet in person. Show your dealership’s human side, and you’ll be many times more approachable.

13. Live Video for Transparency and Trust

Thanks to YouTube, new apps like Periscope, and most recently Facebook all jumping on the live video streaming bandwagon, it’s become easier than ever for people and businesses of all sizes to connect via video in real time. Share a quick video of a happy new couple climbing into the car they just purchased (with their permission, of course), have your sales staff do some Facebook feature tours and other outreach when things are slow, take playful videos around the office, and let your customers see you as you “really are,” live and in person—even when they’re online. Some of your live videos will likely be impromptu, and others can be scheduled and announced ahead of time to draw a bigger crowd. Either way, be sure to save your live broadcast to republish or edit into a larger video down the line.

14. Teaser Videos to Whet the Appetite

Got six seconds to spare? Then you’ve got time for a quick bit of video outreach! Vine, now owned by Twitter, was the first platform to specifically take advantage of the short-and-sweet video craze, but if you capture the right six seconds your video will do well everywhere it goes. A funny moment with the dealership’s logo in view, a quick wave from the service department, a careful edit of the car buying process to show how quick it can be, or whatever you can come up with. There’s no better proof that attention spans are short than the popularity of the six-second video format—and there’s no question that video is the best match for today’s short attention spans.

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Automotive Executive with over 20 years of experience in developing, designing, marketing, selling and delivering a variety of digital marketing technologies and professional services focused on enhanced marketing, sales and business process implementation. Experienced leader of OEM sponsored digital marketing, advertising, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales performance projects. A proven track record in leading technology deployment initiatives designed to deliver objectively measured sales performance results. Primary career focus has been on leveraging the use of information technologies, analytics and business process improvement to support integrated marketing and retail business development within automotive distribution channels. Areas of expertise include creative problem solving, information and data analysis, building trust-based relationships and coaching professionals into a team with common goals and consistent process. Demonstrated and recognized industry leadership in digital marketing content and channel development, concept presentation, internal and external consensus building, market research analysis, resource management, organizational development, strategic planning and business development, tactical technology implementation.

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