Car Salesperson Training for Success – Part III

Being a car salesman can be a rewarding job. I can sense the eye-rolling already, but really, when you’re good at what you do, pride takes over and it becomes rewarding. In this series of blogs, the team at Justplayin’ has explored the importance of sales training in the auto industry. To be honest, sales training is important in any industry if you want to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition. It’s sad to see owners wanting to save money by cutting back on training because they feel that it’s a waste of time and resources. Sure, sometimes you train an employee and they leave, but the ones that stay, take your organization to the next level. Here are a few more tips for the showroom floor that’ll get them reaching for those keys.


1. Don’t talk dirty about the other guys. Even if your customer is complaining about another dealer. You should listen but never join in. Yeah it’s easy to put down other car dealerships to try and pump yourself up in front of your customers, but take it from us, negativity will come back to haunt you. You never know who you’re attacking. It could be a friend. It could have been a good experience for your customer, but they’re leaning towards you. Now, you lose them because you’re acting like a child. They may have hit the Nissan dealer down the road and had a great experience, and now you’re throwing daggers and looking like a fool. Don’t waste your breathe. Be the hero. Be the best you can be.

2. Take care of the lot. There’s nothing worse than opening up a pre-owned vehicle and finding wrappers and crumbs. My favorite is looking at the bed of a truck and finding five inches of water in it and things floating in it. Customers are going to walk. Now, forgive us if this is not the condition of your lot, but believe us, there are plenty of lots out there in this condition. The parking lots should be swept, snow removed and customers should expect water, coffee and an occasional cookie. It makes them feel like gold. It makes those long wait times feel like seconds. Toss in a working flat panel, a coloring book for the kids and a clean couch and they’re home!

3. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Even if they walk in looking a little less than friendly, don’t forget that your customers are human beings. They’re no different than you. Each one can be going through a divorce, financial troubles, or transition, and you can turn their day around or make it worse. Thinking like a bit of a therapist can make a huge difference when it comes to the sale. You may be doing your job, but many of these people are just finishing their jobs and coming to you to spend thousands of dollars. Would you be in a great mood? Be patient.

4. Tell them the truth and nothing but the truth. Stop with all the promises unless they’re solid. This isn’t take-out food. If it’s a brake job, it’s an important job. Tell them why your team will take a bit longer. Give them a quick rundown about the care going into the service. If the vehicle will take some time to be delivered, don’t tell them it’ll be 20 minutes. Tell them the truth. Make your customer comfortable, and get them excited about the vehicle. Know all the local coffee shops, bagel stores and restaurants like the back of your hand. They will ask. Always have answers. Yeah you may have sold this vehicle, but someone else in the family will need another, and statistics show that if they have a good experience, they’re coming back.

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