Companies are characterized by a chain of command, with the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) position, the highest attainable position in the chain of a command. Any individual occupying the CEO position is usually bestowed with the responsibility of catering for the whole firm or company. Handling company resources including members of staff and making corporate decisions is a crucial part of a CEO’s job description. A CEO may be regarded as a managing director, president, and executive. Whichever one it is, the job description stays same. The role of a CEO is so crucial that it is important that any individual occupying that position gets it right straight off the bat

One efficient way to being an effective, adored and respected leader is being one who shows emotional intelligence. So, what exactly makes an emotionally intelligent CEO tick? And what kind of CEO are you if not an emotionally intelligent one? The usual perception of CEOs before emotionally intelligent CEOs is that of an individual, very demanding and hard to please, who seems out to catch his employees slipping so he/she can wake them up with the meanest and strictest comments out there. While this method records some success, and brings out more work from the employees, it doesn’t hold up against the output from employees under the tutelage of an emotionally intelligent. CEOs without emotional intelligence may succeed in getting a lot of work out of their employees but not the best from them.

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