CHAMPION STRATEGIES – JANUARY 15, 2021 – Importance of Choosing a Good Topic

CHAMPION STRATEGIES – JANUARY 15, 2021 – Importance of Choosing a Good Topic

A good topic will not only interest your audience, but also give you the ability to give a great speech that your audience will applaud.

Topic Choice and the Four Elements of Public Speaking

With Sincerity, Enthusiasm, Confidence and Simplicity (SECS) you will find it easy to become a good public speaker. Choosing a good topic also goes a long way in giving you these qualities and abilities.

Do not forget that your speech will be delivered to an audience. It is more likely that your audience will be engaged by your speech if they feel that the speaker is invested in the topic they are speaking about. Therefore, it is important to choose a topic that you are excited by and find interesting because this will likely come across in the speech that you give, increasing the likelihood that you achieve your speech’s purpose.

Let’s look at each SECS element, and how it pertains to topic choice, in detail.


As mentioned above, the SECS principle is made up of four key elements with sincerity as its first element. A speaker must be sincere if one wants to communicate with any audience – whether it is one person or one hundred.

A good topic will help you be sincere.

Sincerity means a number of things; it means being honest with your audience, it means you believe in what you are saying, and it means that you believe what you have to say will be of interest (and benefit), to your audience.

If, in fact, you are not being honest and you don’t really believe in what you are saying, this will very quickly become obvious to your audience—in which case, don’t waste their time or yours.


The second element of the SECS principle is enthusiasm.

You must have a genuine enthusiasm and personal interest in what it is you want to talk about, and a good topic will genuinely enthuse you.


The third element of the SECS principle is confidence. You need to be convinced that what you say is true, that it is worth saying, and that it fulfils a purpose.

In order to acquire this conviction you must be confident that you know your subject. While it does not mean that you have to know everything there is to know about your subject (no one can ever claim that sort of knowledge), you should perform whatever research necessary in order to fully understand the subject for discussion.

A good topic will give you the confidence you need to deliver a good speech.


The fourth element of the SECS principle is simplicity: keeping your presentation simple, logical and straightforward.

This does not mean that your talk should be simplistic; it means that your message must be uncomplicated, unambiguous, to the point, and understandable. Choosing a good topic, one that you know about and are comfortable speaking about will help you keep it simple.

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