Professional Can Use To Boost your public speaking skills (PT. 2)


Zero in on your body language

Ace public speakers use their body language to get their message across and improve their stage presence, Rosenberg says.

Here are five trade secrets:

  • Plant your feet. (“Shifting back and forth from one hip to another can have a hypnotic effect on an audience,” says Rosenberg.)
  • Bend your elbows at about a 90-degree angle.
  • Don’t cross your arms. (“It shows people you’re closed off,” Gallo says.)
  • Maintain eye contact with the audience. (“You don’t want to be reading off slides or constantly looking down at your notes,” says Gallo.)

Practice, practice, practice

No one becomes a great public speaker overnight. You need to flex your public speaking muscles. Want to gain experience talking in front of large groups? Consider taking a course through Toastmasters, a national organization that offers public speaking workshops.

Quit using filler words

Many people have a tendency to use fillers, such as “um,” “like,” you know,” and “ah,” when delivering a presentation, but these words can be distracting for audiences. The good news? “Fillers are very simple to fix,” says Gallo, “you just need to practice.”

Turn to TED

Many TED Talk presenters are masters at public speaking, so study up. “My favorite TED talk of all time is from Bryan Stevenson, a human rights lawyer,” Gallo says. “If you watch his presentation, you’ll see how he uses storytelling and his body language to drive home his points.”

More ways to shine at work

Understanding how to improve your public speaking skills is a great way to develop professionally, but it’s not the only thing you’ll need to impress prospective employers. Want to know how else you can attract hiring managers? Join Monster for free today. As a member, you can get career advice, job search tips, and workplace trends delivered right to your inbox to help you stay ahead of the competitive curve. Additionally, you can can upload up to five versions of your cover letter and resume—each tailored to different types of jobs that interest you. Recruiters search Monster every day looking to fill top jobs with qualified candidates, just like you. You can learn how to talk the talk, now learn how to walk the walk.

Once you can master the public speaking part the world is yours.

Make it a champion day!




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