Confidence in public speaking is an important tool for your elementary school child to have. In fact, the benefits of public speaking can even contribute to your child’s success in the future, says experts over at Public Speaking Power. According to the website, knowing how to deliver an impactful speech could go a long way in career development and business growth. Some of the benefits include:

An increase in self confidence
Children find their self-assurance and poise dramatically increased as they begin to grow their communicative skill. Learning how to talk in public will help your child to connect better with others and it will teach them how to gauge people’s reactions and adjust accordingly. Learning how to deliver a speech will go a long way towards boosting your child’s ability to hold a conversation.

Grow in leadership
Good leaders have mastered the art of communicating with their people. Great leaders know how to inspire and motivate the people they are leading, and learning to master the art of public speaking can definitely help with that. The best public speakers of our time has gone on to become presidents, heads of corporations and people of great influence.

Be heard in a crowd
Learning how to address a crowd could set you apart from the masses. Help your child to stand out, by honing those speaking skills! A confident speaker will usually be the first one to grab an opportunity, when others are to shy to stand up and speak. Remind them that a fearless, thoughtful and confident public speaker has the ability to influence people’s mindsets and decisions.

Ways to teach public speaking to children
The fear and overwhelm of speaking in public can be overcome by teaching your child a few very simple tricks. These tips will help them to communicate effectively, address a large group of people with confidence and will even come in handy when they need to present school projects in class.

Make it fun
Experts at Public Speaking Power share that by creating a fun buzz around public speaking can automatically set your child at ease. Instead of putting a lot of emphasis on the need to do the task well, rather focus on making it a game and something that they need not be frightened of failing at. They even suggest getting rid of the term “public speaking” altogether, and rather naming the activity something that sounds a bit less

intimidating. The more at ease your child is, the better the results.

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