Ten solid public speaking tips for your first-time experience (PT. 2)
6. Sleep
Have a good night rest. It would be best if you never stayed awake all night practicing your speech. That will be a grave mistake. If you do this, you’ll look super exhausted, tired and worn out even before your speech. All your practice would have been in vain. It’s always best to rest up, take a refreshing bath, have a nice breakfast before heading out to your venue.
7. Learn eye contact
Keep your eyes on the audience. On my first speaking events, my mentor used to tell me to always look above the head of your audience, or better yet at their foreheads. That way, you could never get distracted by what someone was doing (this is applicable when dealing with a very large crowd), and people would be under that impression that you are comfortable looking and talking to them (not looking up to the ceiling, or down).
For those doing their first speech, I still think to this day that this is a great public speaking tip, and it helps a lot. You should try it! However, it is also good that you get to look at your audience in the eye from time to time to know how well you are doing with your speech.
If you get something out of this is, consider that you are having a one-on-one conversation with your audience, and you can start by looking at the most friendly ones if that helps.
8. Control the room

Public speaking helps you build authority and a form of credibility. Hence, as a first time speaker, the best time to learn how to connect with your audience is now.
Make sure you are comfortable with the topic, the venue, possible visual aids, with your clothing, and yourself. Believe that everyone in this world is unique, has some value to share, and you get to do it with a large group of people. So, cherish that opportunity!
At intervals (if you can’t do it continuously) try to look into the eyes of your audience, i.e., if it’s a large crowd. However, when speaking to a small group, it is necessary that you talk directly it each and every one of your audience. Maintain eye contact while speaking.
9. Think value
People come to listen to you because of a perceived value they hope you are going to add, be fixed on that point and concentrate on devising means to achieve it.
When you are crafting your speech, start with the conclusion, and work your way down to the opening of the speech. This way, your opening will be laser-focused on showcasing the value that people will get from listening to you.
Remember this; even if the speech is about telling the audience about yourself, there must be a valuable lesson, tip, or reason for them. It’s about how your speech will help them get some benefit.
10. Be Crafty & Learn how to Tell Stories

If you want your audience to remember your speech long after you are gone, then you need to include stories, metaphors, and any related jokes or demos if applicable. Check out this article with 8 awesome tips to help you become a master storyteller.
It is always good to be crafty. Learn how to use anecdotes and stories to ease up stress in a room, and have your audience become more engaged and entertained by your speech.
There are many more things that I could share that can definitely help you in becoming a prolific speaker.
However, I believe that these public speaking tips are just about enough for the beginner in public speaking.
Master these tips for your first-time public speaking experience, and you are well on your way to become a master of the art — cheers to your success.
Thanks a lot for reading this far. I hope you liked the public speaking tips shared today, and I look forward to checking how these tips helped you with your next public speaking delivery.
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