How to Write a Memorable Retirement Speech (PT.2)

Step 2: Learn the Special Qualities of the Person

Hopefully, you were asked to deliver this speech because you know what makes this person unique. This is not always the case, though, especially if you are the boss of a large group of people. You may need to interview coworkers and family members to get to know the person you are honoring.

Whether you know the person well or not, here are some points to consider.

  • What would everyone say is the most significant character trait about the person?
  • How has this employee made a positive contribution to the work environment?
  • Ask others about significant interactions they may have had with the retiree.

From the answers to these questions and the stories that you hear, you may be able to develop a theme for your speech. 

Step 3: Write an Outline

Yes, your English teacher knew what she was doing when she forced you to write essay outlines. Writing an outline will help your speech have focus. And it will force you to stay on topic. 

There’s no one way to write an outline for a speech, but here is an example.

  1. Introduction – Start with an attention-grabbing story. The retiree should be the feature of the story. And it should paint them in a positive light. 
  2. Point 1 – Share a positive attribute about that person. It can be work-related, or more general. Maybe they’re a great listener.  Or they could have a calming personality that is useful in a hectic environment. Give a specific example of a time this attribute was useful in the office.
  3. Point 2 – Talk about the significance of the retiree’s work. If they have been part of the company for a long time you should have plenty of examples. You don’t need to go into details about all the projects they worked on. But listing some of the more involved or important projects can highlight what they did for the organization. 
  4. Point 3 – Talk about the most poignant and important attribute of the person. Try to come up with an example of this attribute. A short story about a time they used this attribute would work well here. 
  5. Thank the employee for their contribution to the office. Make sure you wish the person well in their retirement. You could include a quote about retirement during this part of your speech. You can find some great quotes for this occasion in a retirement magazine. 

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