Want to establish solid trust and rapport during a job interview. Prospective employers will first weed through a lot of resumes. Then comes the hard part. Because next, they want to see if the candidate is a good fit within their team. The job interview is the main way they determine this. In this session, I’m going to show you ways to relax and take charge of the interview. In fact, I’ll also show you how to take the pressure off of the interviewer. When you make the interviewer’s job easier, you build even more trust and rapport.

We are going to tackle this subject in three parts.

  1. How to Reduce Nervousness During a Job Interview.
  2. Research Your Prospective Company and the Job Interviewer to Anticipate Questions.
  3. A Step-by-Step Process to Help You Answer Job Interview Questions When Under Pressure.

Let cover each of the sections one at a time.

How to Reduce Nervousness During a Job Interview.

Remember that a job interview is just a conversation. In most cases, the interviewer isn’t trying to trip you up. This person does, however, want to uncover any items that may make you a bad fit for his or her team. So, obviously, you want to be yourself. If you pretend to be the person that you think the interviewer wants you to be, you will be seen as ingenuine. In fact, you will likely experience challenges throughout the interviewer.

Here are a few tips that will help you relax and be more genuine. Not all of them will work in every single interview. However, if you use them consistently, you should reduce nervousness as you do more interviews.

By the way, for tips on how to create a resume before the interview, see How to Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile.

You Will Feel Very Nervous. This Is Normal. However, the Nervousness Is Not Really Obvious.

Most of the nervousness that we experience in a job interview is totally real. However, unless it is really extreme, the interviewer likely won’t see it. For instance, your heart may start racing. Unless you actually have a heart attack, there is no way the job interviewer will know. You may get sweaty palms or butterflies in your stomach. Again, unless you do something to call attention to it, you will feel these things but others won’t see them.

Some of the stuff that is seen can be an advantage. For instance, often we talk faster when we are nervous. This can be perceived as enthusiasm and eagerness. So use it to your advantage.

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