Why do people get nervous while speaking in public?

For millions of people around the world, public speaking is considered to be a very nerve-racking experience. In fact, many individuals have indicated that public speaking is among the biggest fears they experience in their lives. Since public speaking requires a person to go under heightened scrutiny in their choice of words, mannerisms, logical thought process, and general behavior, the body’s response is often to induce anxiety when someone has to speak publicly. As a natural response to the anxiety, your body produces sweat in order to cool the body, which can begin to overheat for a myriad of anxiety-related reasons. Anxiety is one of the reasons why humans sweat. Anxiety is known to trigger hyperhidrosis symptoms to worsen, so the perceived stress from public speaking can cause people with hyperhidrosis to experience even more anxiety and sweating and perpetuate an unfortunate cycle.

I Sweat while Speaking in Public. Is that Hyperhidrosis?

Only a doctor can officially diagnose and manage your hyperhidrosis, and he needs to have your personal information in order to do this. However, you can evaluate your sweat in connection with these three key factors to tell if you have hyperhidrosis:

1. Do regular strength antiperspirants significantly reduce your sweat on a consistent basis?

One strong sign that an individual may have hyperhidrosis is if regular strength antiperspirants are unable to control your sweat. Since the regular strength antiperspirants only contain moderate levels of an active ingredient in the form of an aluminum compound, switching to a stronger over-the-counter topical treatment for hyperhidrosis may be a good first step in addressing your sweat. Many people struggle to find the right over-the-counter antiperspirant when they have hyperhidrosis, but examining the type of active ingredient and how much of it a product has can help.

2. Does the excessive sweat occur on a regular/predictable basis?

If you’re experiencing excessive sweat on a consistent basis and don’t know the cause, the odds are significant that you may have hyperhidrosis. Additionally, if certain events like public speaking, test-taking, or interviews cause you to sweat excessively, you will have hyperhidrosis that is triggered by feelings of anxiety in stressful moments. This type of sweating is often referred to as stress sweating. Which is the most common with school age children giving speeches.

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