How to Develop Improvisation to Become a Better Public Speaker

Public speaking is always stress, regardless of the level of oratory skills. If you have time to prepare, you can carefully examine the topic and reduce the excitement; otherwise, stupor and frustration await you. This is why the ability to improvise is so important – it increases selfconfidence and allows you to look and be at ease. In this paper, Lucy Adams, a blogger and essay writer, will share essential tips on how to improvise while speaking to a large audience. Many people feel insecure when speaking publicly.

And the situation is getting even worse when a person has little time to prepare. Improvisation may seem too dangerous, but it can open up new opportunities for your career. Moreover, it can give you the confidence if you do not know what to expect from the public. Improvisation allows you to change some aspects of your performance depending on the reaction of the people listening to you, their body language and feedback.

Not always dialogues go as we expected so that the ability to be flexible gives a public speaker significant advantages. You can improve your reputation and establish yourself as a strong leader by learning how to carry conviction under strong emotional pressure. Also, improvisation is useful for presentations in unusual places, for example, in a lift. There are five strategies for the development of improvisation.

#1 Change Your Way of Thinking The first and most important rule you must learn is that improvisation is fun, not scary. Somewhere in your head, there’s a switch – turn it off, and you’ll be able to improvise like a boss! The point is to think positively, regardless of the circumstances. Such an attitude will allow you to feel comfortable in any situation and find a way out. Use visualization techniques to move yourself to the place of performance. Prepare yourself mentally: · My audience is sincerely interested in me and my speech. · I’ll be calm and relaxed. · Everyone wants me to succeed. Give yourself these instructions every day during at least a week before the speech, and you’ll feel much more comfortable at the meeting.

#2 Take the Time to Prepare Of course, you need time to learn how to improvise – interesting and original thoughts don’t appear out of anywhere. Think about your audience. Who are they? What do they want to learn? What are their values?

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