How to Keep Your Audience Engaged At All Times

The legends and stories our ancestors told were the only way knowledge of humankind in the early days was preserved. This goes back to the very beginning of human civilization.

As such, it’s hardwired into our brains to not only remember stories, but to also enjoy listening to them.

For this reason, as a public speaker, it is incredibly important that you use stories. Why? Plain and simple: stories evoke emotion. Emotion is what makes memories stick.

Stories evoke emotion. Emotion is what makes memories stick.

The reason you don’t remember any of those lectures from when you were back in school is because the teacher never really contributed any emotion to it, so unless the lesson was incredibly important to you (in which case you’d contribute your own emotion), you wouldn’t remember it at all.

So by telling a story and doing so in a way that attaches emotion to it, you’re using an incredibly powerful tool in your public speaking toolbox.

As human beings, we love stories. We think in stories. We talk in stories. And as you can see, telling a story is one of the easiest ways to explain a concept to somebody so that they can attach it to the information you’re trying to explain. Even if you’re in a situation where perhaps an audience isn’t so interested in the topic you’re talking about, by simply weaving in a powerful story, you’re increasing your chances of the crowd engaging and really connecting with you and your information.

By simply weaving in a powerful story, you’re increasing your chances of the crowd engaging

Being a public speaker, part of your job is to be enjoyable to watch and entertaining for your audience to listen to. You are an entertainer who also needs to inform, and in order to do that one of the best things you can do is — you guessed it — tell stories.

Becoming a master storyteller is a skill that will give you a massive advantage when it comes to leveraging one of the other most powerful principles in speaking: we call it “The Stage Effect.” It is basically the principle that the quality of your delivery and the size of your audience determines the amount of influence and attraction you can create as a speaker.

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