What is Public Speaking? (PT.1)

Public speaking, also called oration or oratory, is the process of communicating information to a live audience. The type of information communicated is deliberately structured to inform, persuade, and entertain. Many people fear they suffer from a public speaking weakness and lack the will to master the skill. This guide will give you some helpful tips.

Great public speaking consists of three components:

  1. Style: Masterfully constructed by using words to create text that is both beautiful to hear and read.
  2. Substance: A centralized theme to appeal and inspire the audience’s values and ideals.
  3. Impact: Impactful by changing opinions, minds, and hearts. An impactful oration results in a lingering effect on the audience.

The Importance of Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most important skills that an individual can learn. For example, consider the monumental impact of the following two public speeches:


  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation”

On December 8, 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered an electrifying speech, declaring war on Japan and assuring Americans that the United States would achieve victory. Imagine the uneasiness of every American family knowing that their world was about to change. The reaction of Congress solidified a very real and exceptionally delivered speech. The speech brings every listener to a very critical moment in history.




  1. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech”

On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a speech to end racism in the United States and for civil and economic rights. This sterling example of great public speaking was a defining movement of the civil rights movement, which resulted in the passing of the Civil Rights Act, giving African-Americans equal treatment. It is considered one of the greatest pieces of oratory in American history.


The greatest public speeches in the world motivated people during dark times, gave hope in times of despair, provided courage and inspired millions, and changed the course of history. Now that the importance of public speaking and its impact on others are understood, let us understand the importance of good public speaking in a business setting.


Importance of Public Speaking in Business

In business, public speaking falls into several major categories:

  1. External Speeches – these are delivered to investors, suppliers, and other parties that don’t directly work for the company.
  2. Internal Speeches – theses are delivered to employees if the form of a Town Hall kind of address or an All-Hands meeting.
  3. Meetings & Presentations – meetings and presentations are much less formal than the above two types of speeches and occur more frequently. Having good public speaking skills at an internal meeting can be very important for your career.

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