Five Body Language Tricks to get people to like you

Review 5 Body Language Tricks

  1. Smile the first time
  2. Eye contact
  3. Body pivot
  4. Limit the fidget
  5. Using hands

Practice in class

Practice with friends and family between now and next session


Make Body Language your Super Power (how and where to stand)

Review the following points:

1. Stand facing the people
2. Position of strength in the room
3. How to stand (find base posture)

Practice with a partner by telling them what your week was like

Partner comments on your body language by •identifying things they did well 

•offering one or two suggestions for improvement

Switch rolls.

Types of Gestures and How to Use Them

Review 3 Types of Gestures

1. The Give (open, truthful, receptive)

2. The Show (hands to chest, heartfelt)

3. The Chop (or hands down, stronger message, emphasis, power)

Also mention two more not in the video: 

4. Signposting with fingers when making a series of points

5. Pointing for the purpose of identifying or accusing 

Divide into pairs and practice using gestures, trying to use the three primary gestures in a speech

First person to speak stands up and talks about something they are passionate about (an interest, an event in their live, an issue, a person . . .)

Second person, takes notes on the types of gestures used and how they felt to the viewer

Reverse rolls

Practice conscious gestures with friends and family between now and the next meeting

Using Silence when Speaking

Preliminary Exercise:

  1. Break into pairs – choose one person to be ‘A’ and the other ‘B’ 
  2. Think of a topic you are passionate about (something political, social, religious – it does not matter) 
  3. Write down one sentence that summarizes your opinion or position on this topic.  
  4. When everyone is done, the person designated as ‘A” does the following:
    1. Exercise 1:
      1.  ‘A’ stands and gives their statement to ‘B’
      1. Coach offers no direction except that ‘A’ to sustain eye contact with ‘B’ until the they are done giving their opinion/position statement.
    1. Exersise 2: Same exercise with two additional instructions
      1. “A” needs to put a pause somewhere in their opinion/position
      1. ‘A’ keeps looking ‘B’ in the eye until coach says stop
      1. Coach says stop 4 seconds after all statements are completed.  (Note if pause is too long the silence becomes awkward 
  5. Switch roles, this time ‘B’ is the speaker, same exercises
  6. Discuss as a group the following
    1. Listeners: What effect did the pause have during and after the statement?  
    1. How did this feel for the speaker?
    1. How do you think silence might be used in public speaking
      1. brainstorm
      1. create list on board

Summarize: How silence can be used in public speaking

  1. For emphasis
    1. During a speech 
      1. Consciously decide where to pause
      1. Write in the word ‘pause’ in outline
    1. At the end of the speech
  2. As transitions between talking points
  3. To replace fillers
    1. To replace vocal fillers (um, ah and so forth)
    1. To replace verbal fillers (so, and, now . . .)
  •  To generate interest
    • Before starting to speak
      • Stand in the position you are going to start speaking from
      • Look briefly at the audience, jury, or witness
      •  Look away briefly for a second to collect yourself (creates interest in the listener)
      • Look back to the audience, make eye contact, and start speaking

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