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A career in auto sales has never and will never be an easy one.  With the online world chipping away at your bottom line, you have to stay on top of your game, and the team here at Justplayin’ has some thoughts on how you can do just that.  We checked in with our friends at for some pointers, and as usual, they were chock full of info.

The average customer will hit your sales floor with the same lines.  They’ll tell you they’re just looking.  They may even say that they’re not really looking to buy a vehicle right now.  Basically, they’re saying, “please don’t pressure me.”  Can you blame them?  Who wants to be pressured?  As a salesperson, you should be ready for this type of response and embrace it.  Richie Bello suggested, “Just be human.  Your customers want to be treated like a friend.  They want respect.”  Be direct with customers on your floor, or stay away.  When you creep around, you’re just that…a creep.  If a customer says they’re just looking, tell them, “Great! You’ll be thrilled when you see the selection, but if you get overwhelmed, I’m here to go over any question you may have.”  Always smile when you speak, but don’t overdo it.  Don’t be fake.  Don’t raise your voice with excitement with every sentence, but it’s good to show some enthusiasm.


Engaging your customer with questions is huge, but they better be the right types of questions.  Make those open-ended, and the conversation will be flowing.  What kind of vehicle are you looking for?  How are you feeling about the selection you see on our showroom floor so far?  What types of options can I show you?  These types of questions will keep things moving much better than…Do you like sports cars?  Answer…yes.

Give Them Time

Don’t bolt for the finish line.  Listen to your customer.  If they feel like you’re impatient and just want that sale, they’ll walk.  The internet is never impatient, and customers can always chat online with multiple sources, so take a breathe and hear what they have to say.  People need to be heard.  Then, they’ll want to hear your expert opinion, and your chances of filling in that signature space just went through the roof.

Bow Out

Within the first few seconds of a conversation, you’ll know if your potential customer is completely averse to working with salespeople.  If you get the vibe, hand them your card, and give them a smile.  Offer them your help in the future, and they will respect you for that.  You never know.  You may change their perspective.  Hey, you can’t win them all.  Even Tyson hit the floor a few times.  Losing is part of winning, and don’t you forget it.  Now go close some deals!

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