Closing The Sale In 2019

It seems easy. Close the deal! They walk onto the showroom floor ready to buy a car, truck, van or SUV. They do circles around each vehicle, and some of your customers even bring the kids. Talk about dedicated, ready to buy customers! Now, they ask dozens of questions and ask for a set of keys. You put on a show and do everything they ask for, but most of the time the results are the same. They walk out. Why? Why does the manager walk out and close the deal or some other seasoned manager nail it every time? Justplayin’ is here to let you know.

Sometimes it’s the selection. You have to go the extra mile or hold off and find them what they want. Don’t get pushy and go for the sale if it’s not the perfect vehicle for them. If they want powder blue, get them powder blue. Take their number and find that vehicle. If they don’t seem happy in the vehicle you put them in, tell them they don’t seem happy. Don’t make them tell you. Know your customer. They love that. Get them into another vehicle. Any other good salesman will tell them that they will find them what they’re looking for.

Make sure you know the product and look your customer in the eye. Confidence and credibility is everything. You’re a car salesman. There are a lot of negative connotations that go along with that. Two car salesman can stand right next to each other saying the exact same things and get two completely different reactions from a customer. It’s all credibility. They are Googling the answers before they walk in these days, so be prepared to be tested at all times. If the next salesman gets the answers correct, you lose.


Make a name for yourself. Have you checked our blogs on social selling? The team here at Justplayin’ talks about this all the time, and we will again. You have to get yourself out there on social media. The internet is chipping away at the value of the car dealership. You know it’s true, and it’s becoming scary, so where’s the value? What’s the big ticket item that makes the customer want to come into the showroom over swiping around on their phones? Yes, they want to sit in the vehicles, and technically they normally have to come to you to buy them, but there’s one big selling point. The answer is you. You are the hot commodity. The internet is lonely. There’s no fresh cup of coffee and donut. They won’t be taken care of. Who’s going to pull out their chair for them or give their kids a coloring book? Who’s going to answer all their questions about colors and options while they drive around town in their brand new or pre-owned vehicle? It’s all about you, but first, they’ll get to know you on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Keep it positive, appropriate and informative. Throw in some humor and don’t be too much of a salesman. Check out our other blogs on how social selling works at for more on this.

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