Basically, businesses are setup to sell products or services.  This has seen sales departments of various businesses adopt an innovative range of tactics to keep the sales coming. Cold calling certainly makes it onto the list of sales strategies you could try, even though it’s success rate isn’t the best.

Cold calling simply involves calling unsuspecting prospective customers to pitch them a certain product or service they might be interested in. cold calling is primarily execute via phone calling, but home or office visits and general drop-ins are still in the cold zone. So long as the prospect is unsuspecting, it is cold.

It is critical to note that cold calling should not be a primary sales strategy because when you call unsuspecting people, be sure to receive a negative response most of the time. The secret to being successful in cold calling is making all the right impressions from the “go”. This includes capturing the attention of the recipient because most people would drop the call when they hear a marketer on the other end. Forget about the sale, talk more about how the product or service will improve the life of the recipient. Remember to loosen up, be friendly, just try to make a person’s day better.

It is also important to realize that cold calling may not bring forth sales on day one, but a good relationship can be established on day one. So, be open to giving the recipient as much time as is needed to get comfortable. It gets easier if your first call goes according to plan.


Calling a person who probably doesn’t remember handing you their number is always going to be met with some hostility. A hang up might be the mildest form of rejection you get from cold calling an unimpressed recipient. Verbal abuse may follow. Top marketing analysts say the success rate from cold calls stands at 2%. So, be prepared for a lot of “I am not interested” responses.


  1. Research your prospects’ desires and interests thoroughly, you must not get a thing wrong.
  2. Have a cold call script close by. Write down a few pointers or reminders to keep the conversation flowing.
  3. Have no other piece of information that is unrelated to your cold calling close by. It would be disastrous to misplace the name of your prospect.
  4. Work on your opening sentence or speech. Make your prospect give you the invisible urge to go on.
  5. Learn to be accept rejection because they are going to come.
  6. Learn how to be better from your previous calls, don’t dwell on mistakes without working on them.
  7. Know where your prospect is located and make out the best time to cold call them. Cool evenings are always appreciated.
  8. Now, while the call is on, you don’t want to be too pushy but don’t forget the goal.
  9. Listen if your prospect feels like talking, never interrupt.
  10. Do not waste your prospect’s time.

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