Converting Service Customers into Car Deals

Converting Service Customers into Car Deals

What if your Service Department was more than just a Service Department? Converting service customers into car deals is a valuable opportunity that should never be wasted. This is an opportunity to get customers that haven’t purchased a vehicle at your dealership to do so, as well as to convince current dealership customers to upgrade their vehicle to a newer model.

There has been plenty of new marketing research about how to best reach out to service customers. Some of the most important topics to keep in mind when developing strategies to convert more service customers are your general mindset, and how you want to approach customers. Getting the customer to schedule that appointment with your dealership can be tricky, but the effort is more than worthwhile when you see your new and preowned sales numbers go up.

The most successful service customer conversions happen when customers have had a positive and satisfying experience in the Service Department. Your very first step to getting more of these sales conversions is to ensure that your Service Department is doing their best to provide the optimal customer service experience. Building loyalty and respect for the dealership is one of your most valuable assets in this process. Your Service Department should be friendly, personable, and mindful of the concerns each customer has. Then, once a positive relationship has been established, more sales can be made. This behavior of relationship building is just a part of the many processes involved in converting Service Department customers into car deals.


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