The sales department of dealerships is probably the most overlooked department within dealerships and trading organizations. One way or the other in a company the tendency to generate sales coincides with generated revenue and pretty much everything else from then on. With the sales staff able to wield so much power and influence in the dealership, a manager should take on the burden of making sure his sales staff are sharp and skilled in the act of making sales, be it sales of products or services.

In the light of economic crisis companies and dealerships perform the ill-advised act of cutting down or totally removing their sales training budget. This is practically shooting yourself in the foot; in the light of any sort of economic crisis you have to go to war, and your sales staff will be the leading soldiers, hence whatever the cost of sales training involved just remember in this war you can’t afford to fight for limited sales with a blunt and unskilled sales staff. If you are thinking too much about training your sales staff just remember your competition is doing exactly that. Here are the benefits you stand to lose:
Confident Sales Staff:

No sales staff is more confident than the one who has been to a sales training program. The confidence comes from the fact that every individual on that team has the idea in his or her head that he/she has got something up their sleeves to bring home the sales. You will find them speaking vastly about the products and even taking necessary digressions from the topic.
Motivated Sales Staff:

It helps your sales staff to see that you are willing to invest in the department; it just lets them see how integral they are to the dealership. There is no greater motivation than the feel of responsibility.
Happy customers:

Having numerous happy customers could be all you need to have a large customer base. If your sales team can be awesome enough to make your customers happy you will be getting a lot of return customers, and this will just keep driving your sales in the right direction. Sales training can teach your sales staff the right way to treat customers and keep them happy.
Improved Sales:

This is the most crucial reason why anyone trains their sales staff. There are numerous dealerships offering the same services as you which means that you have to go head to head for a limited number of customers. Practically if your sales team is better than the opponent’s then you stand a massive chance of winning customers seven out of ten times in comparison to your competition.


See the benefits above? Those and more are what you stand to lose if you think training your sales staff is an option rather than a necessity. And always remember you have a host of competition, do you think you they are not training their sales staff?

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