Digital Retail Takes On Automotive

The first half of 2020 proved that the digital way to buy will be the accepted practice for more than holiday gifts. If Amazon is an indicator, Amazon was unprepared for its twenty-six percent growth experienced in first-quarter. Amazon plans to spend a minimum of $4 billion for warehouse and delivery workers, testing for the virus for its personnel and the gear they will need to keep momentum and meet the demand. Sales for Amazon in the first quarter were up nearly $16 billion.

The automotive industry was also caught off-guard first quarter of 2020, with March dropping after having a growth spurt for January and February. By April manufacturers were creating offers that make 2020 the best time to purchase a vehicle. Offers at this point let the buyer take as much as seven years to pay and there are offers out there that are interest-free! There’s no better time than right now to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. The only problem with taking advantage of these great offers are the limitations made by the government to contain the virus. Most dealers are open, but by appointment only, curbside delivery and social distancing, masks and more. These restrictions brought online to the forefront at an amazing rate. Eighty-five percent of the shopping for a vehicle is now already done online. There’s no reason to go from dealer to dealer to shop for the vehicle they are looking for. Online search engines like shares over 6 million vehicles on one sight. The site also helps with delivery to your doorstep and promotes the simplicity of purchasing your extended car warranty for your pre-owned by visiting another site called WarranTchimp. WarranTchimp features a. friendly chimp that took the monkey business out of the high cost for good coverage for a pre-owned that no longer has a manufacturer’s warranty. Extended car warranties no longer have to be purchased from a dealer or costly online site. is a portal site that allows the consumer to fill out an online form with a few details about their vehicle and through the VIN number can determine their best plan for the vehicle. The site promotes s better plan doing it yourself online and guarantees the best price. It’s easy to jump online, save time and money on your next vehicle purchase, but if you are even considering one, there’s never been a better time.

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