clients and customers, or just extend word of their brand to part of the world. BefThe importance of marketing in almost any business can never be over emphasized; any company looking to reach prospective ore these modern times marketing was a very hectic process to carry out’ marketing was done manually and basically it entailed reaching out to prospective clients one by one, considering the list could contain over many thousand contacts it is really hectic having to reach them one by one. Fast forward to the modern times when marketing has become a more automated process, reaching prospective clients is now less of a daunting task than it used to be; a great number of clients can be reached with just one command.

Marketing automation is not only useful to email marketing; it is as effective for social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) marketing. With the our platform functions like posting on multiple social media sites at once or posting articles or press releases automatically on multiple article directories or article or PR submission sites becomes an automated process with less rigors to deal with.

Do I need this marketing automation platform?

Every marketer knows it is not an easy task to convert prospective customers, so if you depend heavily on marketing by social media marketing, email marketing and a couple of other online marketing strategies then employ our marketing automation platform, it will relieve you of having to reach out to prospective customers the old fashioned way. Also you get to see how your marketing campaign compares with your results, and it is cost effective. There are two basic features of our automation platform and they are explained below:


Intelligence Gathering: With strong competition for prospective customers it is no longer enough gathering a list of contacts; it is rather more helpful to gather a list of prospective customers who are interested in what you’re selling. The automation platform helps to maximize ROI and match you with people who have a greater tendency to be converted from contact to customer.


Workflow Automation inside the Company: Information is definitely key; the automation platform helps you track a contact all the way, it helps figure out how close or far away a contact is to becoming a customer. This is easily achieved from a statistical report telling how often a contact has visited your website, and the amount of time he or she has spent on the website. In the same spirit of automation such prospects are reported to the user or marketing officer who can now pay special attention to such contacts and covert them.

  • It facilitates the whole campaign amazingly.
  • Our marketing automation platform will make a provision for prospects who will most likely buy into your idea; hence your conversion rate can be really successful.
  • This will be of great usefulness to members of your staff in the marketing department with the quality of information our platform gathers for marketing purposes.
  • The statistics display means you can have knowledge of well or not so well you’re doing.
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