Don’t Be Your Own Competition

We’re always worried about the competition. Mister Big Shot Nissan down the block sold 100 more vehicles than you did in March, and now you have to know what he did differently than you. You have to beat his or her numbers. You have to run ads like Mr. Big Shot. You have to hire his salespeople. Your mind starts to run wild, and eventually, you become your own competition. Instead of focusing on the customer experience and the fundamentals of good salesmanship, you worry about what the other guy is doing, and then what happens when the other guy tanks? This is what you should be thinking about.

It really comes down to a couple of things. You have to be driving traffic to your dealership through the web, and building a better experience for the customer. The customer experience is everything. In fact, research shows that customers will pay more for better overall customer experiences and they will remain loyal in most cases. The better the experience, the more of an authority you become in the marketplace.

The problem that we run into here is ego. Most companies or businesses feel that they are delivering excellent customer satisfaction. When you look at their reviews online, a good portion of the customers feel that they are not delivering on this level of satisfaction. Sometimes you’ll even see the owners or managers arguing online with customers about their customer experience. This is a huge mistake. We have to get back to the old saying. You know it. You know you want to say it. The customer is always right. We know things can get abusive, and some customers can try and take advantage of the situation, but overall people just want to be treated with respect and to receive what they paid for. Sometimes, your business may not deliver on its promise and if someone gets upset, apologize and deliver with a little something extra. Mistakes happen and people respect those who take responsibility and move forward. That’s all part of the customer experience. That stops the bad reviews from flowing in.

You’re probably looking for the point here. It’s about self-reflection. Never settle when it comes to your customers. Even if your reviews are high, take the time to reflect on your customer experience. Remember, they will pay more now and in the future for a better customer service experience. Plus, they will stay loyal.
That means they will stick with you and they will recommend you. Take the time to look at your showroom floor and make sure things are up to standards. Listen to your co-workers and how they’re communicating to the customers. Always strive to be better, and you’ll be the authority in the business. Worry about what the other guy is doing down the block, and you’ll always be following the leader while leaving your customers looking elsewhere.

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