Don’t Fear The Online Dealership

Yes, it’s true. Ford Motor Company has launched an all-new online dealership that basically cuts the local dealer experience out of the equation. With Ready Shop Go, customers can select their vehicle, and even work out lease or financing options. It’s spreading and it’s spreading fast, but fear is not an option and we’re here at Just playin’ to tell you why.

Let’s make this simple. They’re still dealing with the local dealer. Yes, you lose a good part of the sales floor experience, but the vehicle is delivered locally. Richie Bello at said, “This isn’t anything new. The big boys can’t cut us out of the deal. We already have online dealerships, but we call them something a little different. They’re called websites.” As salespeople, you’ve already grown custom to offering pricing, and taking credit applications. Dealers even take the time to let the customer know their payments these days.

Essentially, you are Ready Shop Go, but you can add in a touch of humanity and an actual vehicle to sit in. Help your sales team brush up those communication skills a bit, and the online world is nothing to worry about, but it’s a great way to get them in the door and close that deal! Check out It’s a great source for everything automotive.

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