Don’t sell on an email or via a text!

You might just talk (or write) yourself out of a deal.

A couple years ago when the internet was just rearing its head, there were arguments whether the internet could grow to become a tool that the world depended on. It is hardly an argument these days because the internet has proved to be the most opportunity serving piece of technology ever created. Hats off there.

The development of the internet over the years has given rise to a bunch of opportunities, and lately, it has turned up a notch as people now have very good reasons to monetize the opportunities that the internet renders. Fast forward to 2017, and you’ll find the time in history where so much money has been glided through the internet. Marketing has taken over via a bunch of services like ecommerce, blogging, company websites, and a bunch of other things.

With the internet being as fiercely competitive than ever, people get desperate with their marketing tactics and just apply the wrong selling methods. Selling successfully has more than just the right product and audience targeting to do with. Sometimes, common reasoning can help you avoid some marketing mistakes, but it is hard to keep your sanity when you are trying to make sales. So, here we will bring this reasoning to you.

Why you should not sell on your email or via text?

Your chances of making a sale successfully depends on the prospective buyer as much as your sales copy or strategy if the buyer is not in the mood to buy, whatever sales copy you pitch to them will be meaningless.

When people receive emails or texts, they do not expect a “buy now” call to action, they rather expect an informative content, maybe an “how to use” copy, or a generally helpful blog. So, when people receive emails or texts with a very big buy now call to action, they snub it faster than the bullet training or even discard it too.

This does not say by any means that emails and texts are useless to making sales. They are crucial to making sales if used appropriately. You should see emails and texts as the tools to help you turn your contact into a loyal customer by establishing a virtual relationship on those platforms. Imagine a friend you never met always sending you kind words via email or text, you may like them more than your more obvious friends. That s exactly how you should treat your contact when texting them via email or SMS.

Let your contacts read enough quality content without any sales pitch and they might just come by asking you to sell them something because they now trust your expert recommendations. On the contrary, if you use emails or texts inappropriately, you may just talk your way out of a prospective sale. Always remember making sales still has a great deal to do with customer perception, and selling via email or text is perceived inappropriate.

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