Don’t Take The Customer Game Personally

Everyone tells a lie once in a while. When we go to make a big ticket purchase, we all put on the front, right? Don’t look excited! Don’t smile too much! Careful of what you say when you’re happy with the price. It’s a game, and when you’re a salesman or woman, you know that the game is coming to your showroom floor. Never forget this. No matter how grumpy they look, and no matter how little they smile, they’re really excited on the inside to be buying a vehicle from you. If you play your cards right, you’ll most likely get that sale.

First of all, they’re all just looking. They’re all not buying today. They can’t afford the payments. They don’t care about the moonroof. You know the lines. Everyone knows the lines because everyone uses the lines. Let them look. Let them frown. Let them be excited on the inside. Hey, we all tell white lies, and the customer is just looking for the best possible deal. Don’t take the customer game personally, just like you don’t want them to take your game personally. How many times have you run back and forth to your manager or as a manager chipping away at a price slowly, hoping that the customer will stop somewhere in the middle and everyone will be happy with the deal? You could go lower, but you’re playing the game right? You’re taking what you can get, and the customer is taking what they can get. It’s all a game, and the running back and forth makes everyone feel as though negotiating is at play. Hey, whatever works, as long as everyone’s happy in the end. Although, we highly recommend you stop using this tactic these days.

Price isn’t everything. Customers know that. That’s why they walk in playing the game. They want to see how you’ll respond, so be ready with your best game face. Every potential customer has access to the internet after the year 2000, and post 2010 you can be sure that they researched you and every other dealer on their phone before they walked in. Reviews are stacked on sites, and potential customers have a full education on vehicles before they even hit the lot. They know price, parts, and availability. It’s the dealer experience that sells the vehicle, and you’re a big part of that experience. I know we sound like a skipping record from time to time, but there’s a reason why our parents were programmed to repeat themselves over and over again when we were growing up. It’s about burning this message into your head. You hold a lot of power on that showroom floor. Don’t take anything personally in the automotive business. Just put yourself in their shoes and you’ll never lose your edge.

Remember, like two baseball teams going to war, they always shake hands at the end of the game. In the end, we’re all just friends playing a fair game. Always check out for anything you want to know auto.

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