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Success is all any business could ever ask for, but what are the key ingredients for a successful business? Yes, the customer is always right. Keeping your establishment stocked, clean and friendly is a plus, but is it that simple? The answer is a loud and clear no. We as owners and managers cannot expect to hire other managers and salespeople and expect things to continue to run smoothly as time goes on. There are however some key ingredients. Yes, there is a bit of magic and Richie Bello of Richie Bello University has figured out that perfect mix of education and training necessary to keep ahead of the curve in this most competitive automotive industry.

Bello has received local and national recognition for his contributions to the automotive industry. He took on all of the challenges that the industry faced over the years and formulated ways to improve sales team productivity and the overall dealer experience. While uplifting dealers in the marketplace it dawned on Bello that he could bring his thought processes to a larger audience through a digital marketing school. The foundation was already there, and Bello was already a master in the digital space. He created a University that would elevate the existing workforce out there in the automotive industry while welcoming in a new wave of industry talent and giving them the foundation they needed to succeed. Plus, veterans receive not-for-profit benefits that save them up to 50% off at the university and other benefits.

The Automotive Sale Training Today classes are designed for those just entering a career in automotive. This will offer them the basic principles of how a dealership operates and the steps leading up to the sale. Advanced Sales Management is a complete program that emphasizes on grooming leaders and not dictators. This is an important message to get across to all those moving into the management arena. This course will expose all involved in the latest trends in the business.

The Entry Level Service Training Course is for new or inexperienced service members. The basics of service sales will be passed on and a wealth of communication skills that far exceed your typical classroom setting. Advanced Service Management takes service managers and gives them the tools and techniques they need to take their service departments to the next level. All too often we find managers finding comfort in routine, while the world around them evolves. This course will set their spirits on fire.

This is only the tip of the iceberg at Bello’s University. Bello stated, “If you’re not learning at all times, you’re losing ground. You become your own competition. You have to be constantly evolving, and this is a way to keep the showroom floors moving.” The team here at Justplayin’ has never encountered someone so enthusiastic about continuing education. It’s definitely something to consider if you’d like to keep your team evolving and competing in an ever-changing market.

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