Extended Warranty Is Not Quite A Warranty ?????

How confusing can it get? We have all gotten familiar with the term “extended warranty”, but is it really a warranty. The answer is “no”! What you are really doing is purchasing an insurance policy to be there if you need it for an unforeseen repair. The extended warranty is generally a vehicle protection plan, or vehicle service contract. However, the extended warranty is the accepted term for coverage that the manufacturer no longer will cover. Pre-owned vehicle buyers or original buyers when the manufacturer’s warranty expires should consider an extended car warranty. How long a term will depend on the driver’s need and the coverage they are looking to achieve with their vehicle.

Confirming what is covered with your extended warranty is extremely important. Making sure that the items you want covered are clear before you sign an agreement. Many providers will glide through the details, often creating more confusion than is necessary. If you need your powertrain or your brake system to be covered, just take the time to review all the details of your agreement., the website that invites consumers to log on and create their vehicle protection plan themselves, allows for a plan that ranges from basic to a great deal of coverage and allows the user to change options and deductibles until they are happy with the coverage and the price. The goal of the website is to make it easy enough for anyone to go online with the VIN number of their vehicle, answer a few questions and see for themselves that it is as easy as booking an airline ticket.

Warran T Chimp is a friendly character that simplifies the extended car warranty purchase. “Don’t Monkey Around” is the campaign, because the chimp makes it easy to protect against unexpected costly repairs, and offers the guaranteed lowest price. The portal site eliminates the high fees associated with dealers and some online providers. Other sites require chats and phone calls back and forth, where Warran T Chimp lets the consumer pick and choose and feel comfortable with the coverage they select.

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