Five Tips That Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Five Tips That Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

All too often, we believe that having an extended car warranty, otherwise known as a vehicle protection plan, we rely on that exclusively for our vehicle’s maintenance, but neglecting the basics that are not necessarily covered on a plan can make all the difference in the world with a vehicle’s lifespan.

Check your vehicle regularly

Remember to check your fluid levels, tire pressure and oil

Never ignore when your vehicle’s new noise or difference in handling

Avoid hard starts and stops

Keep your vehicle clean inside and out

These are the little things you as a driver should take care of on top of securing a vehicle service plan once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Today’s vehicles are built to run hundreds of thousands of miles, but manufacturers limit their warranty times and mileage. It’s important that drivers get a vehicle service plan, otherwise known as a used car warranty, and make sure it makes sense before committing.

All too often, consumers get into a warranty that is too expensive and does not necessarily cover the items they were hoping for. That’s really the fault of the driver who does not take the time to shop around and get the plan they need at a price that they will handle, and enjoy the security and assurance for the full term of the warranty. A car that is three years or older that does not have a warranty is more than likely to run into some unexpected service requirement that would be covered by a solid warranty program.


Don’t let the others make a monkey out of you! Drive away with the lowest cost anywhere guarantee. Show us a better price up to 30 days from purchase, model for model, mileage for mileage, option for option and WarranTchimp will refund the difference, plus $100.

The cost of a basic plan is often inflated with dealer commissions and middlemen., the online portal site, connects consumers directly to recommended plans available for their vehicle and guarantees the savings by having the consumer select a plan themselves. The savings were approximately 40% less than dealer pricing and other online programs. The portal site offers up its best recommendation and allows the consumer to pick the items in the plan they want for the term of the contract and gives the consumer interest-free financing for up to 18 months to pay for any plan of 36 months or more. That’s almost half the price of traditional programs and a considerable time to pay without interest.

The portal site believes that consumers will share the benefits of doing it themselves and avoid the problem of not knowing what is in the plan, and selecting a realistic deductible. With 85% of the car shopping experience currently being handled online, there is a strong inclination that the warranty can be easily purchased right on their home computer. Dealers are also recommending to their customers who do not want to pay higher prices and interest for their pre-owned vehicle warranty and need the time to pay. It’s really a great way to avoid paying too much and for things not needed in a plan. Drivers are now able to select the items they want covered and know that they are getting the right price and interest-free financing. Another great feature is that an extended car warranty is on the vehicle. Should it be sold to another owner during the term of the warranty, the car continues to be covered. That feature should show the next driver that the car was well taken care of. Online shopping was pre-dominant with younger shoppers, but today car shopping for the young and old has become an online experience. Consider the five easy steps to maintain the lifespan and a vehicle service agreement to keep the car running smoothly and its value up.

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