Fourth of July speech

Fourth of July speech

One would initially think that a 4th of July speech would be an easy
one. After all, it’s a national holiday, a family day and there’s usually a
great picnic somewhere with hotdogs and watermelon and at least one three- legged race or softball game.

This is a great holiday and it honors our great nation. Independence
Day. The 4th of July. This is perhaps, the most celebrated family holiday
other than Thanksgiving and Christmas and that’s appropriate. Because the 4th of July is all about our families. Our nation declared its independence in
order for our families to live free – not just for one generation but for
future generations.

And what odds they faced. It must have seemed impossible. When the
Continental Congress unanimously adopted a resolution on July 2nd, calling for independence, within two days the Congress endorsed the Declaration of
Independence in its final form.

The 4th of July would ultimately become the most revered national holiday in our country. But 244 years ago, it was just a hot summer day. Our forefathers went up against the world’s most colossal empire since ancient Rome. No colony had ever successfully left a

mother country to set up a self-governing state. Not only were the
historical odds set against them, they were set to fight against the world’s
most powerful Navy. King George III sent a massive armada for what became the largest amphibious assault of the 18th Century – over 300 ships and 32,000 men.

But, you know how the story ends. General Washington led his rag-tag
troops across New Jersey. He would avoid large-scale confrontations that
played to the British strength and begin a new battle strategy.

And, it worked. He won. We won. And the “United Colonies of America became

“Free and Independent States.” The United States of America was born.


Our ability and agility will form the foundation of future war-fighting.

Our determination to win, however, was forged 244 years ago when
insurmountable odds were overcome. The 4th of July is truly our Independence Day – a day of celebration, or remembrance and of re-dedication to our country.

I know that you share with me your pride in being an American. Our
country has been criticized for being the richest country in the world. Let me
suggest that we are proudly the richest country in the world – rich in our
multi-cultural heritage, rich in our traditions, rich in our entrepreneurial
spirit, our zest for the unknown and our reach into the future.

The American colonies became the United States of America because of our determination, our self-discipline and most of all, our dreams. Our desire for life, liberty and
the pursuit of happiness is not a coined phrase, but a day-to-day philosophy
celebrating free-expression, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the
right to be and remain free.

It is in this spirit of freedom that the 4th of July should be celebrated.

So I hope between the softball and the BBQ and the picnics and the fireworks, and the social distancing.

Each of you will take a few moments to send a prayer of thanks. Thanks to
our forefathers for their vision and thanks to our soldier and sailors around
the world for their dedication.

Happy 4th of July to each of you. May you continue to celebrate our
freedom, in freedom.

Make It A Champion Day!

Brandon Hardison – Champion Strategies

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