Get The Best Price On A Used Car Warranty

Extended car warranties, sometimes called vehicle protection plans or used car warranties are essential when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. With depreciation as high as 60% on a five-year car, consumers are driving pre-owned vehicles at over 40 million sold in 2019. That’s more than double the number of new cars. Manufacturers have provided vehicles that last hundreds of thousands of miles when maintained properly. Many have warranties that can move from owner to owner, but few are over three years. The way to take on the road for another 100,000 miles is to purchase a vehicle protection plan, otherwise known as used car warranty or extended car warranty. Having an extended car warranty can make all the difference with just one big repair. It’s worth every penny when you are confident that you have the best plan for your vehicle, at the very best price you can find. That’s the entire mission of The chimp serves as a portal site for one or more major providers that offer basic to ultimate coverage and offer it at the guaranteed best price. The site can be easily navigated by the consumer. Shopping “a do it yourself auto protection plan” becomes as easy as booking an airline flight.


Basic vehicle protection plans cover pretty much the same items. It’s important to compare that basic price, then build your options from there. WarranTchimp offers a simple online solution that eliminates the high cost of dealers and other online middlemen. The lowest price is guaranteed. The ease of knowing you are not being pushed into anything you don’t need is an important offer that no other dealer or site can offer at this time. Just a VIN number and a few questions and you will see for yourself just how easy it is to get a great personalized plan with the very best price guaranteed. You can even take a look at how the chimp site varies by seeing what happens when you change deductible. And it’s so fast and easy, shoppers are putting options in or taking them out to be comfortable with what is in the plan and the price they can afford. It’s advised to put a realistic deductible should a hefty repair bill becomes inevitable, but you.

Manufacturers warranty their vehicles for a period, then it’s up to the buyer to consider the vehicle’s condition and protect that investment. Do your homework on the vehicle first, then shop and compare. will give you the plan you build with a great provider at the guaranteed best price anywhere. WarranTchimp’s site provider(s) offer payment terms without interest After getting your personalized plan direct from the provider, you’ll get the time you need to stay on the road with national coverage, 24/7 customer service, rentals and a plan that works for you and your vehicle.

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