Give A Sales Person A Lift

Your sales floor is the lifeforce that keeps your dealership alive and kicking. The salesmen and women that work that floor are probably your most important employees and will have their good days and bad days. Sometimes you’ll find that a handful of your sales team will fall into a slump that seems endless, or they may be making fundamental mistakes that could easily be avoided. Knowing what to do during these down times is extremely important and most managers don’t have the training or the know-how for such delicate occasions. We’re here at Justplayin’ to offer some tips on how to save the situation without having to burn through staff.

First of all, you have to act fast. If there are issues you’ve addressed with your staff in the past and you’re noticing the issues are being repeated, address them fast. Any time you let things slide, you’re telling them it’s ok to ignore your requests. They’ll lose their level of respect for you, and fall apart on your showroom floor. It’s important that you are clear about the problem. Don’t dance around the issue, but don’t be cruel. You don’t want to destroy their self-esteem, but you also have to make sure that you leave them fully aware of where they went wrong, and how they can solve the issue. It would be best if you can walk them through the scenario, so they can see the positive outcome through once or twice. Practice makes almost perfect.

If it seems like your salesperson isn’t trying or lacks any enthusiasm recently, ask yourself some questions too. Why is this happening? Has something changed? Talk to your salesperson about the situation. Has their compensation changed? Has their bonus structure changed? Maybe a new salesperson


has come on board with unbelievable drive and a bit of luck over the last few months and it hurt their ego a bit. Maybe something personal is going on at home. Any of these things are possible, and you can make that difference through a connection before tossing them a pink slip.

Remember to focus on the future. Yes, you can change behaviors from the past, and you can change your attitude. Just don’t focus on past mistakes. Set goals and create a track to meet them. Create a positive path and talk about how your salesperson is going to change for the better and all the good that will come from it. Offer up what you as the manager will do as the support system, and how you will be there during the journey. Let them rest assured that they are not alone on this journey and that they are part of a team that will lift them up when they start to fall, just like in this particular meeting.

Most importantly, you have to follow up. Whether things are going well or not so well in the near future, you have to meet up again and check in with your sales team. You really should have weekly meetings but in this case, check back in with our subject and keep them on track. Managers have to manage. Employees want to feel their presence. They don’t want to be micromanaged, but they also don’t want to be left out in the cold.

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