Giving a Speech About Yourself – The Best Way to Get Your Message Across

Giving a Speech About Yourself – The Best Way to Get Your Message Across
Build your story around people who influenced you the most
If you are a successful professional—or you aim to be—it is likely that you will be asked to speak about yourself at some point in your career.

Of course, all Toastmasters learn to do this in their Ice Breaker speeches. But a more robust speech about your background and how you attained your current stage in life might be appropriate with a promotion, accepting an award or some other community recognition.
Even seasoned speakers can be shaken by the idea of speaking at length about themselves. Didn’t our parents teach us to be humble, work hard and keep our heads down? Giving a speech about how successful we are might feel immodest or boastful. Not if it’s done properly.
As a professional speaking coach, I advise clients who come to me for help with crafting a speech about themselves to use two simple strategies: 1) Tell your life story in three clearly defined acts; and 2) Remember that no one becomes successful alone. While discussing your experience, be sure to give credit to the family members, colleagues and mentors who guided or supported you through your career. Highlight your success while thanking the people who helped you find it.


Structuring Your Story Look at your life story as if it were a play: Act I: When you were young; Act II: When you were more mature and starting your career; and Act III: When you achieved success. Audiences want to know your personal story and details about your journey to success.
Try to convey where you came from, how hard you worked and what motivated you through your life, and then finally, how it feels to be where you are now—always remembering to mention the people who helped you along the way
Make it a champion day!
Brandon K. Hardison – Champion Strategies

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