Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

There’s no denying that winning the lotto and never having to roll out of bed again would be the ideal situation for most. The staff here at Justplayin’ isn’t going to lie to you and pretend that work is life for everyone. There are effective ways to make employees want to show up every day though. Yes, you can have happy employees, and whether you want to believe it or not, happy employees are more productive and care about the overall benefit of your business. This translates into happy customers and vehicles moving off your lots. How do you keep them smiling? Well, it’s never a guarantee, but you can try a few of these tips and tricks.

Delegate the work to your employees without having to constantly micromanage. We know there’s no room for huge mistakes, but allow them to handle their own tasks and fall once in a while. They’ll learn from it and grow at a much faster rate. This could also be a great time to ask them why the mistakes happened and if something could be done to prevent mistakes in the future. Maybe your employees have ideas that aren’t’ so obvious to you. Maybe they are obvious to you, but your staff just needs to be heard from time to time and have their ideas taken seriously. Making them a part of the process is huge.

Make sure your staff is taking breaks and make a point to talk to them about it. Their mental and physical health needs to be important to you, and they will feel pressured at times to skip out on those ten to fifteen minute unwind sessions. You still have to be consistent. You’re the boss, so don’t let those breaks become something more like a constant hang out. Things can go the other way very quickly if you’re not strong.

Make sure you’re recognizing their progress. It’s one thing to correct employees and let them learn from their mistakes, but it’s also important to recognize their growth. Employees won’t admit it, but they love to be recognized one on one and in front of the staff. Also, when recognizing employees in front of the staff, you create a little healthy competition, and you know that’s good for business. Plus, recognize the goals that have been met as an entire staff and dealership. Employees love good news, and if you’re moving vehicles and making numbers, let them know it. It creates a sense of job security and comradery.

Get to know them. You don’t have to be best friends, but have an idea of who your employees are. When you walk in on Monday, ask employee X if they had a good time with the kids. Remember if they told you that the in-laws are visiting and if they carry the same sports team memorabilia all the time, ask them if they caught the game once in a while. Show them that you take an interest in them outside of dollars and cents. Any kind of connection is going to go a long way because they feel that you care and then they care about your well being. Just remember this one more thing. Say thank you once in a while. We all know employees get paid to do their jobs, and they should be grateful to have their work, but a little gratitude goes a long way. If they come in a little early or do something extraordinary, try to toss them a thank you and I bet you get a smile and “No Problem” in return.

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