It’s a new year once more, 2017! By now every business that has got a clue how tough the competition for prospective buyers is will have analyzed the previous year (2016) and by now should know all the chinks in the armor that need smoothening out. In the business world there is always going to be room for improvement if your competition id getting any traffic at all, this means you or your sales team couldn’t convince his customers to patronize you, or maybe they don’t like what you offer which means you might need to come up with a model to please them too while keeping your loyal customer base satisfied too.

For a couple of new years now you have turned up with the mentality to improve your sales team, and help them set smarter goals. It’s a new year now (2017) and the eagerness and urge to improve the team is there now, and you have to lead this charge to help the sales team set smarter goals that will position the whole dealership or business to incur more productivity than the previous year. Here’s what I would do if I had to lead the charge to help my sales team set smarter goals in 2017:

This is more in the direction of coaching the sales team only this time mentoring is the watchword instead of the conventional coaching/training. Letting the sales team work closely with a mentor is definitely a way to go. This mentor can be the overall leader of the sales team, one with a very successful sales profile and resume, and of be course friendly and approachable. Teams or individuals who have been tutored by mentors have been shown to replicate similar or more volume of success as their mentors, this is easy to decipher as a mentor who fits this bill will keep the sales team motivated, and he/she will often drop really practical tips on how to go about some sales situations.

Letting the sales team have a very successful mentor automatically has them setting goals to impress this mentor and this is all good for the business

Within a sales team there are quite a number of tasks to do and it is vital to let every member of the team work where they will be most productive. Talents can come into play for cold calling and letting someone on the team who enjoys this task have a go at it will mean you have a capable and willing member handling that part. The one who fancies going out to close the deals and is good at it should get on with it, the one who has got that eye for detail can be busy behind the laptop doing the team’s research work. It is also important to let each member work outside their comfort zones in order to accrue a diverse set of skills, this will keep everyone on their toes and make the whole sales team better rounded.

There are few better facilities to help improve a sales team’s performance than knowing exactly how the last sales expedition went and where improvements can be made.

It can be a game changing encounter if you have your sales team marketing products they barely know a thing about. So, if models are swapped out for others every department at the dealership or business place should get a heads up. If your sales team has to learn of new developments from their prospects it spells a dysfunctional workforce which is definitely bad for business. This piece of information will definitely help the sales team make smarter decisions this 2017.

What are you really selling if your customers don’t appreciate it? This header is everything about that question; a dealership or business should be set up to satisfy customers. When you do a thorough business analysis and are sure that you are delivering the exact demands of the customers it gives the sales team most of the bargaining power in pitching sales out to prospects, this means direct increase in the sales team productivity.

The New Year (2017) may not be a lucky number but most importantly it is another opportunity to better the productivity of the sales team from last year. Browse through the tips on how to HELP YOUR SALES TEAM SET SMARTER GOALS IN 2017 and go get your victory.

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