How do you speak in front of large groups of people?

How do you speak in front of large groups of people?

You’ve already been given some great answers here. My problem is that I am not sure I understand your question.
Do you mean, “How do you overcome fear to speak in front of large groups?” or
“How do you get to speak in front of large groups?”
My answer will vary depending on what you actually want to learn. If you wish to overcome fear of public speaking, you’ll be joining a large percentage of the population who find it scary and wish to conquer that fear too.
My best advice to people who suffer anxiety over public speaking is:
Tell yourself that you’re excited. Anxiety and fear feel exactly the same way in the body. You CAN convince yourself that the feelings you are experiencing are feelings of excitement. Enhance them by pumping up your favorite music and belting out some tunes. Act excited and tell people you’re excited and soon you’ll believe it.
Use your body to convince your mind that you feel confident. Watch Amy Cuddy’s TED talk “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”. I presented a speech many years ago entitled, “Dance when you feel like dying”. The central nervous system does not know the difference between an act and fact. If you put on an act, it will start to believe the act as fact. A great tool to use in conquering anxiety. Other tips include chewing gum which helps to hydrate your mouth but also sends a message to the brain and causes relaxation.
Learn breathing techniques and visualise a successful outcome.


If all else fails, try hypnotherapy. It really does work if you find a good practitioner.
My final piece of advice is to make sure you know your subject well. Write your speech and edit until you’re happy with it and then practice it until you can recite it in your sleep. If you feel like you can deliver your speech well, you’ll feel more confident about it.
If you were asking how you can get to the place where you speak in front of large crowds, my answer would be that you need to start speaking in front of small crowds and doing such a great job that the message spreads.
When I began speaking, I spoke to small groups. It always amazed me that each time I spoke, the crowd grew and the line at the end grew too. People wanted to come up and say hello and ask me where they could hear me speak again.
My advice to those who wish to enter the professional realm is that you need to get over YOU so that you can get into OTHERS. If you truly care about your audience and want to give them something of value, you’ll stop thinking about what they think about you and focus on giving them your absolute best. Someone once said, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” This quote has been attributed to many people. Whoever first said it, he (or she) was very wise.
I encourage you to develop this skill and speak as much as you can. I love what I do and I’m passionate about helping others develop their speaking skills and get their message out! I believe that we all have something of value to share in this world.

Make It A Champion Day!

Brandon K. Hardison
Champion Strategies

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