How To Create Urgency When None Exists

When it comes to selling the same vehicles day in and day out, it’s hard to create urgency when none exists. Yes, a big sale comes along here and there, but overall you’re trying to come out a few thousand high, drop the price and hope to God they drive out happy. Maybe you entice them with a free oil change or some other giveaway, but urgency is hard to come by these days, so you have to create it or shake them to wake them.

There are some tricks you can use to create a little urgency on the lot, and you’ve probably used some of these before, but it’s good to hear them occasionally to keep them fresh in your head. The loss of savings or even a special option can be enough to make them make a move, but you have to time it wisely and don’t act too urgent. You know exactly what we mean. You’ve been there, right? Even those late night infomercials get you going sometimes. I have to admit, I own a few cleaning products and kitchen miracle machines that I don’t use, and it’s all because of one secret ingredient…urgency. It’s the deal. I’m going to lose the deal. Ron is going to slash an extra payment off my fryer, and I don’t know if he’s ever going to do that again, and I want to make french fries with air! When you have a customer standing in front you that uses the magic words, “we’re not going to buy today”, don’t panic. That just means they haven’t met their match yet, and you’re going to be that salesperson. When they say no, they mean yes, and you have to create urgency on the spot to get them to lean towards the sale.

When a customer walks in “not ready to buy” but has a specific vehicle in mind, tell them that it’s a big seller. Let them know it’s hard to keep them on the lot. Ask them about the options they’re looking for and find one as quickly as possible, and be slightly surprised you found one. Take them for a test drive, and talk price. Once you start dropping that price, offer them something unique to your dealership. You can’t make anything up these days, especially when it comes to the manufacturer. They know how to use the internet and they’re educated when they walk in the door. You can, however, offer them free service or anything your superiors will allow. Be armed and dangerous with all options and by the time that test drive is over, your urgency level will peak and they’ll be ready to sign.

Creating urgency doesn’t always work, but it helps. Free extended warranties, oil changes, car washes, or cash back can help you along the way to the sale, but nothing gets them moving like the mental game. Check in with for everything you want to know auto.

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