In a dealership or business the primary objective is to make sales, the success of the dealership is based on the ability of the salesmen to close deals. However, it is not just all about making sales, it is important to not let the buyers bully you into selling your goods at a price you didn’t bargain for. These sorts of buyers are known as “price buyers” in the market and this has consequently led to most sales persons asking this question, “What’s the best way to overcome price buyers?” Price objections is something every dealership or business experiences, you can’t blame the customers for wanting to get the best value for their bucks, or trying to chop down your price tags. However, looking into the bigger businesses like Nike, Jordan, Gucci, etc. it doesn’t take a lot of concentration to discover that their products get little or no price buyers despite the seemingly huge price tags attached to them. We all know they are big name manufacturers but have you ever wondered what they do differently? I am not going to tell you what they do differently but here are a couple of answers to the question of price buyers:

The most obvious or basic reason why your product may attract some price objection is if the quality of your product and the price on the commodity are not on the same page, this creates a defensive mentality within certain buyers and they will only want to cut a deal for whatever price they have in their heads.

In the automotive industry you don’t need to stick around for too long to learn the first phrase potential buyers say when you tell them the price of a car, about 90% of buyers would say “that’s too much.” That is a good one for the buyer but not for the sales man be sure to banish those demons by attacking with a catch line of your own like “Is That A Complaint or An Objection?” Trust me you will see most of the buyers shooting back with an ego inspired statement like “heck no,” and that is beautiful.

It is amazing the magical effect of showing potential buyers testimonials of satisfied customers can do for your deal. Let them realize those buyers patronized you even in tougher financial periods but they are happy they did. I think you can smell victory.


This is not a hundred percent (100%) guarantee that all price buyers will swerve from you but now you know why they might come to you and now you can draw up a plan to fight for your price tag. When you do get price buyers if you do, ensure your sales personnel is able to explain the quality of the product and every component that makes it worth the price and more, that way you will have buyers happily paying for your products no matter the cost like the Nikes, Pumas, Jordans, etc.

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